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My top 5 cruelty free makeup products

Brands that don't test on animals have never been easier to buy, the prices are not super over budget anymore and quality of the products is just amazing. Today I'm gonna show you my top 5 products that are cruelty free.

The first brand I'm going to talk about it's not gonna be a surprise for most of you. Too Faced is one of my favourite makeup brands of all time.
After seeing a big fuss everywhere (specially on youtube) about the HandgoveRx Primer I knew I had to give it a try. Since I got it it hasn't been a day that I don't use it. It moisturizes my skin and it gives it a super natural healthy glow that I don't get from other primers, however it helps to control the oil on my skin without drying it out. The texture is really similar to a moisturizer. I can't live without this product, I use it every single day, even when I'm not using any makeup because that is just how much I love the effect it gives to my skin.

More on the budget friendly side, if you didn't know already, Kiko Cosmetics is actually another cruelty free brand. I love a lot of Kiko products, they are staples in my makeup routine. Their face powders (blushes, bronzers, highlighters, etc.) are outstanding. But my all time favourite product from the brand is their Long Lasting Sitck 8hour No Transfer Eyeshadow .
I have this shadows in 4 different shades (I always buy a few new ones on the summer tho). This eyeshadow sticks are amazing for on the go makeup. They last a really really long time and are often compared on youtube to the Bobby Brown shadow sticks. My favourtie color is the shade 37 burgundy aka the perfect base to a redish makeup look.

Back to Too Faced we are. Their pallets are THE THING I would recomend to everyone that is yet to try something from the brand. I've had the Chocolate Bar for over a year now and the Sweet Peach for over 3 months and I love them so much. I use one shadow from each almost every day. Also the smell in this pallets just makes me want to eat them (specially the chocolate one). They have other pallets but I think that the minis are too much of an investimest to me, specially when you compare the size of the shadows with the big ones. I really couldn't recommend them more, if you cam't decide between Urban Decay (another cruelty free brand) and Too Faced, when it comes to eyeshadow just go with Too Faced really.

I was shocked when I found out that a brand as cheap as Makeup Revolution was cruelty free. This brand as a lot of products that are a hit or miss but there is one that I can't actually live without. I'm talking about the Ultra Contour Pallet. I love this product, as you can see from the picture. The contour powders are amazing, the highlighters are pretty good too. This pallet is super versatile I can do an eyeshadow look with it and do everything else on my face with it, contour, bronzer, blush, highlighter, setting my face etc. I can't live without it, and for the price I think everyone should try it.

Another brand that I think is not so well known in the UK as it is here in Portugal is the brand Oriflame. I know for sure that they do not test on animals and that all their ingredients are natural because my mum actually sells beauty products from the brand. Even tho I'm not the biggest fan of a lot of their makeup products there are a few that I swear by, specially when we talk about the Giordani Gold Collection. I love their powders, concealers, brow gel and their lipsticks.  

Today I'm actually going to talk about the lipsticks, they are super pigmented, they are creamy but they look kind of matte. They have a few colours in the collection but if like me you hate pinks you will feel like Oriflame as a brand in general has a very limited colour selection when it comes to lip products. I found two on this line that I love the Nude colour and the Burgundy colour. Really if you want to try a new makeup brand I could not recommend oriflame more, and when it comes to makeup just pick something from Giordani Gold.

I what are your favourite cruelty free makeup products? Leave it in the comments so that we can all share our favourite products with each other!

My first sheet mask experience by Dr.Jart+ || Asia Takeover

I've been living under a rock and haven't tried any Korean beauty products so I nice lady at Sephora made me (almost literally) buy the Clearing Solution by Dr. Jart + 

As I said I was in Sephora with my boyfriend to buy my mum a mother day gift when I picked the Clearing Solution Sheet Mask by Dr. Jart +. The lady at Sephora said that it would be perfect for my combination skin and she also said that it was her favourite mask from the brand and as a beauty addict that had never tried a sheet mask or a Korean beauty product I was completely sold! 

Basically you aply the mask and let it stay on the skill for 15 to 20 minutes. During that time you can watch a episode of your favourite TV show (I'm obsessed with Big Little Lies at the moment so please NO SPOILERS), do your nails, or take a million pictures like I did.
The mask dries down on your face so taking the pictures was quite an experience.

After you remove the mask you will feel a lot of product on your skin and you will have to pad it into your skin so that it can be absorbed and you can achieve the best results.

Well all I can say is that my skin was a mess before I did this mask. I was dealing with crazy oily skin, huge breakouts and I had tried everything to deal with it. I did the mask and my skin felt absolutely amazing. Super hydrated but the mask managed to dry my blemishes and clear out my skin which was great
In the long term (and I'm not saying that this was all due to the face mask because I've also been drinking more water and taking better care of my skin in general) I've been feeling my skin to produce less oil without being dry, which is rare in products that are developed for acne prone skin.
I can assure you that I will always keep a backup of this mask in my beauty cupboard. 
Remember that different products act differently on different skin types and different people but with that said I really recommend that you would give it a try!

What is your favourite Asian beauty product that I HAVE to try?

ABC of getting motivation to come back|| Blogger Tips

If you have been there for a long time you know that I'm the worst at keeping a schedule when it comes to my blog. I lose motivation super easily, maybe because I'm a huge perfectionist or because I feel like I'm not reaching the audience I want to reach. Anyhow it has been two months since my last post. I don't want to excuse myself with something like my dog ate my homework, but I've had bigger things in my mind then the blog lately, that mixed with the lack of motivation created kind of a snowball that kept growing bigger and bigger. 
But I decided to escape, to say NO! and to get back to do what I love, after all I've put too much time and effort into this blog to just give up. 
And that is why I decided that this post was the perfect one to make my come back, I'm gonna tell you a few tips to stay tuned and motivated. 

1. Refresh the face of your blog

People get tired of seeing the same thing over ad over again, you will eventually get tired of having the same "look" on your blog after a while and if you are feeling unmotivated I promise giving a fresh face to your platform it will feel like a fresh start to you and your readers will appreciate it too.

2. Social media is key

I can assure you that the only thing that kept me from giving up completely was Instagram. I have a passion for photography, and for sharing my pictures with the world, and that is why no matter how uninspired I feel I will ALWAYS occasionally post a picture or two on Instagram. I love the freedom that it gives me (that is the reason why I suck at sticking to a theme as you can see on the print from my feed). 
Also last weekend I created a twitter account to my blog. This has opened me so many doors, now I feel that I have a platform in which I can follow and be followed by other bloggers that post in English, which is amazing because I've had a really hard time putting the word out there about my blog when it comes to a English audience and I finally feel like I'm in the right path!
By the way, if you want to follow me on ANY social media platform in @annesperks

3. Go on a brain dump

I would be so lost without my Bullet Journal (don't worry I will have a post about it soon). It's where I keep track of all of my appointments and events but also the place in which I can have huge brain dumps. I like to grab a pen and just write down a bunch of ideas and things I think might work for the blog on my BuJo, which I found makes it A LOT easier when it comes to shoot or write for a specific post. I get inspired to do this from social media (see above) and from other bloggers (there will also be a blog post on bloggers that inspire me soon).
By the way: How do I know that blog post Y or X is coming soon? Because I use my BuJo to plan ahead of time as well, which I've noticed keeps me more on track of what is going on. 

PS:. I got myself a new schedule to post, so every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:30AM you will have a new blog post!

What are your tips on how to feel motivated again?

A little updade || Fresh Start

After two really confusing months I decided to come back and I decided that you guys deserved a little update, so I'm gonna tell you what I've been up to, covering all aspects, fromcollage and traveling to future plans and life in general...

So February was a very busy month, from traveling to Porto, to spending Carnaval at home and coming back to Lisbon, with a few not so pleasant events in between (that I won't be talking about in here). I haven't stopped for a minute, and March is following the same path. While I write the blog post I'm in my boyfriends house put to bed by an awful cold (YEEEEY), and the motivation to write has been close to 0. 

I've started to look at my blog more and more like an obligation but in a good way. I want to succeed as a blogger and for that I need to work hard. I've been shooting a lot and trying to improve the quality of my picture and the next step is to change the design of this platform. This is mine and I'm a perfectionist, and my blog doesn't illustrate that and it totally should. 
I learned that QUALITY is better then quantity and that if I do my best is not the end of the world if I don't post every single day as long my content is the best I can post!
I must go now but I want you to always remember that everything will be ok as long as you always do your best to put the best version of yourself out there.

A foundation that will make your skin Even Better

I know, long time no see. January was a rough month for me, I felt completely uninspired, without any motivation to shoot or to write and I always make myself deliver the best version of me that I possibly can to you guys and that is why I didn't post.
But I plan on being back full time this month, whit videos on my Portuguese youtube channel and posts here on the blog.
Today we are going to talk about a beauty product that I've been testing out since Christmas time, the Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15 evens and corrects foundation (also let's all ignore the huge turn off that that name is).

 Wear oil-free, dermatologist-developed Even Better Makeup SPF 15 and something amazing happens: Without any makeup, see improved clarity, a more even skin tone, visibly diminished age spots. For all ethnicities. In just 4 to 6 weeks. Broad spectrum SPF helps protect against future darkening. For continued benefits-even after you take it off-partner with Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector.

Clinique is a brand that I will always trust with complexion products because of the company skincare background, and that is why I decided to test this foundation out. 
This is a dewy finish foundation that has a medium coverage but you can easily build it up in order to become more full coverage. 
It lasts around 6 to 7 hours but no more then that. 

I could see a few improvements when it comes to my skin, specially when it comes to lighten up some acne scares that I have, which is a big plus for me.
I also really like the packaging of this product, is plastic and super sleek which makes it great for traveling with. 
The available colour range is also huge so you are very likely to find your perfect shade. 
A big down side of this brand in general is that Clinique STILL isn't a cruelty free brand which is making me reluctant in buying this product ever again.   

For me the foundation works best when applied with a beauty sponge. Here you can see the effect on my face 5 minutes after being on. As you can see it gives a perfect natural effect that I love for everyday makeup.