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How to Style: Leopard Print || Fashion

Welcome to this week #SeasonalWednesday, today I join you to talk about one of the biggest trends this season, leopard print. A post highly demanded from you guys on my Instagram pool.

I have been a lover of leopard print for a couple of years now and I have quite a few pieces in my closet to confirm that, but sometimes I find it difficult to style them, especially the accessories, so today I decided to do a post sharing my best tips and four completely different looks so that you can get some ideas when it comes to incorporating this pattern in your wardrobe. 

Look number one: Above all things comfort

Look number one is all about being comfy. This is for sure a look I would wear to classes or on the weekends if I am studying and just GYSTing around the house. I paired a super comfortable sweater from H&M (that I got 2 years ago but I'm sure you can get something similar in store once this pattern is so trendy at the moment) with some black leggings and then all I had to do was to pick some shoes and a bag. For shoes, I went with my good old skool Vans that are for sure my most worn pair of shoes and that keep the chill and comfy vibes the outfit askes for. For my purse, I went with a camel tote bag that I got in a little shop in my hometown, I feel like having a huge bag in which I can fit everything is an absolute essential when it comes to an outfit like this once I can carry everything I need with me, being binders, notebooks or even my laptop. 
So, if you are looking for a cool way to start the leopard print madness I would 100% recommend you buy yourself some loungewear in the print, something warm and cosy that you can wear all the time. I also find that something as big of a statement as a jumper is a great way to start incorporating any colour or pattern in your wardrobe. 

Look number two: Looking effortlessly put together

When it comes to the second outfit I decided that I wanted to create a look revolving around this scarf that honestly I have no idea where it's from. I've had this piece in my wardrobe for a few years and I never wore it (until the day I shot this pictures, I ended up liking this outfit so much I left the house wearing it). I figured that the best way to style a print when you have no idea how to do it is to go all black. I started with a super simple black tank top from Pomod (I've had my tops for almost 5 years and they still look absolutely amazing) and paired it some black high waisted disco pants from H&M that I got last year on the winter sales. Then I put my favourite booties from last fall, these ones from Primark that give a super edgy vibe to every look and my go-to Zara chain bag
To give a pop of colour to the outfit (and to keep this Autumn appropriate) I grabbed my Tifosi long jacket I got last year and that is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. 
I feel like accessories can by a tricky piece to style but, at the same time, are a great way to bring an outfit that otherwise would be boring to a super trendy side of the spectrum. Also, if you don't want to invest much money on a trend that will probably last a few months and never be talked about again these pieces are normally cheaper and do the job just fine. 

Look number three: The edgy rocker

If you know anything about me is that I love rock music, especially the classics (Queen, Beatles, Guns, Stones, Nirvana, you name it) and that I have a collection of band tees that would make any rocker jealous.  Leopard print is, in my humble opinion, one of the most Rock'n'Roll patterns out there and so to pair any leopard print item with a band tee is for sure a win.
To create this look I had as my centrepiece my leopard print sleep on Vans and I created a look that revolved all around them. I love to wear sleep on shoes with mum jeans, this light wash full of holes pair if from Pull and Bear (as are almost all my pairs of mum jeans) and I picked my favourite band tee which is this amazing one from Guns'n'Roses, I absolutely love the design of the logo and I've had it since 2013 when I went to Italy and bought it off a street seller. As far as accessories go I decided to wear my Zara fake letter bomber and my Primark backpack that is one of my favourite handbags to wear on the daily.
I would wear this look for almost any occasion but this qualifies for sure as my concert uniform, it's warm enough if the concert is outside and cool enough if we get too hot while dancing, the backpack can carry everything without a problem. 
When it comes to styling leopard print shoes my best tip would be to wear then when you are not wearing any other statement piece nor many patterns, let them be the star of your outfit and you will for sure look good.

Look number four: Smart professional with a twist

For my fourth and last idea, I decided to add something that would file under the pile of business casual clothing, something that is great to wear for a presentation in a class or if you work in an office. For this look, I picked up my best pick from the Autumn collections that are available. My beloved leopard print shirt. I picked this up from Pull and Bear when I was back to school shopping with my grandmother and I've worn it every chance I get ever since. To bring this look to the next lever I paired it with a black suit I got from Zara, I feel like this is an essential thing to any women in their 20s and if like me, you can't spend a fortune on a suit (which if you can I would totally recommend you invest) Zara has a pretty huge range very affordable options. 
For shoes, I went, yet again, with my Old Skool Vans but if you need to bring this look to the next level I would have paired it with some pumps (black, red, nude or leopard being my choices). To finish it all up I chose to wear my pearl gold necklace with it and my huge bag that works as a computer bag and it's amazing to carry this world and more inside, it's from Parfois.
This is a look I think is great for most occasions and I would (and have) wear it, you can bring it to be more or less formal depending on the situation and it's a more put together way to wear this trendy print. 

And this is it, guys! I must ask which look was your favourite and what are your favourite leopard print pieces?
Also, this is a blog post I am particularly proud of because I photographed it all myself, both the flat lays and the pictures of me wearing the outfits so all the comments and critics would be much appreciated!

Once Upon a Time I Wanted The Perfect Red || Makeup

The season of red and vampy lipstick as finally arrived, and I couldn't be more excited! However, red lipstick used to be a field I didn't venture in. I never thought I could be the type of girl that wore red in the same way she wore a nude. God, I used to own way more purple lipsticks than red, and if that doesn't explain how afraid I was of red, I don't know what will. 
I always found a certain magic behind a good red lip, I think it's the sexiest colour you can wear on your lips and I always wanted to be one of those girls that can't leave the house without it. This led me to a search, a search for the perfect red, as far from the orange bright ones as possible,, because God knows I was convinced they would make me look awful. Not too dark and not too light. With a neutral undertone, not too blue or not too yellow. It had to be the perfect shade.

It was my first week at University and on a trip to MAC I found what was the closest I had ever been to finding THE red, I found a beautiful vampy red with a brown undertone that made me feel exactly as I had imagined, sexy, bold and overall like a woman instead of a girl. 
The shade is Studded Kiss and the lipstick has a matte finish, something I would later find was an absolute necessity for the red to suit me, much more than the shade or the undertone.  
I've had this lipstick for too long now for sure and I absolutely still love it, when Fall comes around this is one of the first colors I pick up because it just goes well with the season. It lasts really well on the lips and as any other MAC Matte Lipstick is quite hydrating on the lips. 
From that point on, and being an assumed makeup addicted I started buying every variation of that MAC shade and every dupe I could find. 

Last year, however, things were about to change. My friend Jael gave me a bag filled with makeup products she didn't use anymore and among them, there was this little red lipstick from Mellow Cosmetics and brand I had never heard of but that made me instantly fall in love with their lipstick formula. If like me you had never heard of them they are cruelty-free, vegan and paraben free and have a huge range of products. Anyway, back to the lipstick. The shade is called Madness and that is how I felt for even thinking about using it.  It is a pretty classic old Hollywood, diva kind of red
 with again, a matte finish.  I did it, I used it and I had never felt better in a shade, it's like we were meant to be. I loved it. The formula on the Mellow lipstick reminds me a lot of the formula of MAC Mattes and their price point is really close. This shade is, in my opinion, is a more Christmassy red color and is for sure going to be my go-to holiday lipstick this year. 

Our story continues one afternoon in my godmother house, she had ordered a red lipstick from Oriflame that she didn't remember getting and it wasn't a shade she would wear (she is 70 years old, so a fire bright red wouldn't be my cup of tea either if I was in her shoes). Knowing that I love all things makeup she decided to give it to me. It was spring and I always like to use warmer and brighter shades when the warmer weather comes. By this point, my makeup taste had evolved quite a bit since the first year of Uni and I was bolder and ready to risk more. I did an Instagram pool asking if you guys thought it suited me, I received an overwhelming amount of messages saying that it looked really good and that I could rock whichever lipstick I wanted and it really made me feel empowered. If you follow me on social media you would have seen me wearing this shade in a bunch of different pictures I posted during the summer. It's the color Eternal Flame from the Oriflame The One Colour Unlimited Lipstick Super Matte (again, you see the theme with the finish of the shades). I truly love this color and it has grown to be my warm weather lipstick of choice. 

And this leads us to the last chapter of our story, this chapter places me in a drugstore and has me having the realization that I really needed a red liquid lipstick because it would last through dinners and drinks and nights out and parties and everything in between. Had prior read a bunch of great reviews of the Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colours I feel like the choice was already made for me. I ended up picking a shade that was super close to Studded Kiss (what can I say, there is no love like the first), named Plum This Show. The formula is great and it holds on to the lips for quite some time even if I'm talking, kissing or eating. The applicator is amazing and it really helps me define my lips a bit like a lip liner. 

This great addition to the family really made things full circle for me, from the girl who was afraid to buying lipstick and bought a cool brick color red to the girl that has been exploring all the colors in the spectrum and still is buying brick colored red lipsticks.  Moral of the story, look for safe ways to step out of your comfort zone because the best things in life lie outside the comfort zone itself. 

Declutter your wardrobe the 101 || Fashion

Today I decided to shake things up with the agenda because it's much easier to get a post ready in a day I don't have any classes than when I have a day that it's packed from 9 to 5. Anyway, today I am going to write a post about clearing out your closet and how to spot having the "I have nothing to wear, with a packed wardrobe" feeling.

My mum always tells me that it's amazing how unattached I am to stuff. I declutter things at least once per season and believe, I am far from being a minimalist but I don't like to keep much stuff either, especially when it comes to clothes. The more I have the last I know what to wear. This summer, before moving back to Lisbon I went on a mission to give away, sell or get rid of all the clothes I haven't used all summer. If that happened it's because I don't identify with them anymore, they don't fit right or the piece is damaged in any way (you would be surprised to if I told you how many cool pieces fit under this category).

First of all, you need to get inspired to do so, getting rid of clothes it's not an easy thing to do, especially if you go in thinking that you might still want to wear this next season and that for sure that piece is coming back in style, when we all know it won't. Think about how do you want to present yourself to the world and if that bright pink mini skirt isn't showing it, toss it! Our clothes sometimes determine what our first impression to other people will be and we should always bring our A game (coming from a girl that wear leggings and sweaters all the time to classes). 

I think we should all own basics that we can dress up or dress down depending on the situation. My wardrobe is full of jeans and t-shirts but I know that if I pair them with a pair of heels and a blazer I can achieve a super pulled together look, at the same time if I pick some sneakers and a jean jacket to wear the look will look a lot more casual. 

One thing I found while clearing out my closet was my love for blazers. They can make an outfit look so much better, so far I own a baby blue, a black, a cream, a red and a grey one and I love all of them to pieces!

I hope this post helped you in some way even if it was just figuring out a few key pieces to your wardrobe! I have a lot more fashion posts I want to put up soon and I am trying my best to have at least a new one once a week (even if not on programmed schedule)! To see more of my outfits you are welcomed to follow me on Instagram which is where I post most of my clothing picks! 

 Outfit Details: Top: Zara; Pants: Pull&Bear; Sandals: Sketchers; Bag: Local Store 

Makeup that lasts All Night Long || Makeup

For today's post, I thought I would talk you through my go-to foundation routine when I really need the extra coverage! I was working in a nightclub for part of this summer and this was my go-to makeup. I can assure you that if you want a makeup look that will last you all night long while dancing, sweating and having a blast this is my best-kept secret!

As you can see my skin isn't particularly problematic. I do have dark circles all the time because I don't remember the last time I had enough sleep in one night and a few acne scars but nothing major. However, for a night out, I like to go the extra mile and go super full coverage. The problem is, normally full coverage means cakey and I hate the super matte look. I think the best way to tone down a super matte foundation is using a very dewy and hydrating primer. I have gone on and on about the Too Faced HangoveRx Primmer for long enough for you to know how I feel about it and why I love it so much so let's talk about how to pick the right foundation. 

When it comes to picking a foundation for a more hardcore makeup look I always try to go for medium to high coverage foundations. I've picked up the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation around a year ago (I know it took me too long to write a proper review...) and I didn't like it at first, but being an expensive makeup product I decided that I had to use it up this summer and I fell in love with it. First of all what a better option for a makeup look that lasts all night long then a foundation that claims that in its name. Secondly, I feel like this would be a great foundation for oily skins and my skin being combination to oily reacts really well to it. I like to tone down the super mattifying effect by using my primer before and by always applying it with a beauty sponge, in my opinion, the best option if you want to escape the cakey look.
The foundation holds up amazingly well and I never powder with it, because I think it would just be too matte for my personal taste. The most time I've had it on without noticing any creasing was around 8h which is pretty amazing. 

This summer I discovered the Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer. A pot concealer that I love to apply with my fingers and blend out with a sponge. This was for sure one of my best discoveries of this summer in the makeup world. I love the high coverage on this product but I also love its ability to be built up without ever looking cakey or creasing in my fine lines. This has been a game-changing product in my makeup back since I first tried it, a bit like the primer and I truly think this has deserved its own place on my makeup corner. 

I always use some setting spray to finish my makeup, especially when the products I've used are this high coverage. I opt for something that will bring all the products together and create a lovely dewy effect, I use the Mac Fix + in order to achieve that effect, but, yet again, I have talked about it in a former blog post. 
And this is the finished look using only the products mentioned. I then proceade to to the rest of my face and I am ready to rock out all night long!
This is for sure a makeup that i don't like doing every single day but when I want to go the extra mile or a plain need the extra coverage this are the products I chose to wear and I really love how they all look togheter. 
Have you tried any of this products? If not which one would you love to try?

My Summer Skincare Routine || Beauty

When it comes to beauty skincare is something I've only recently started to get keen on. I feel like makeup as always been a love for me and I would always focus on saving my money to get a few makeup items from pricier brands but I would never try and save for a skincare product. However, has I've been growing older and wiser I've been realizing that skincare plays a huge role in the way my makeup is going to end up looking and in how confident I feel in my own skin.

Today I decided to share with you all the products I've been using in my skincare routine and how I used them. Also, this is going to be the first ever blog post that I shot with a cellphone camera because the genius behind the keyboard here forgot to charge her camera before shooting all the pictures, only to get to the location and run out of battery...

Cleansers, balms, and face washes

Removing my makeup is something I always do, regardless of how tired I am (always keep a pack of makeup wipes in my night stand, so that if I'm to tired, to drunk, or just not in the mood I make sure to remove my makeup before going to bed). I've been using the Oil Infused version of the Garnier Micelar Water for many year now and I can say for sure that it's my favorite formula from the drugstore. I then use coconut oil to remove what ever is left on my face, I think coconut oil is a great option due to all it's great proprieties. 
When it comes to face washes I have been using the Simple Refreshing Face Wash, I like to use this product in the morning and at night if I didn't wear makeup during the day, I also clean my face with the Oriflame Facial Cleansing Brush, I feel like this step helps me exfoliating my skin and it has reduced the amount of black heads and breakouts I had to deal with since I started to use it. 

Toners, lotions and potions:

I have been using two types of toners, I start with the Yeves Rocher Hydra Végétal Hydrating Toner which is super soft on the skin and it smells amazing. I follow with the Benefit Moisture Prep Toning Lotion, this fluid lotion helps my skin to feel fresh and hydrated it's a step that truly made the difference on my skin since I started to apply it. I also sometimes use the Evian Water Spray to freshen up my skin during the day and also to remove micelar water from my face when I am too lazy to go to the bathroom. 

Hydration time:

I got the Origins Gizing Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer as my day cream, this is a really fresh gel that hydrates my skin, smells amazing and it always helps me feel more awake due to how fresh this product is. My skin has never felt better since I started to use this product and I really want to get the rest of the line. 
For my night cream I've been using the Oriflame Optimals Hydra Radiance Night Cream, this one has a thicker texture but it still feels really fresh on the skin but it is a lot more hydrating then my day cream. 

This are basically all the products I've been using on the daily when it comes to my skincare routine, morning and night. I normally do one face mask a week and I try to drink a lot of water, specially in the summer. I feel like little things make more difference than what products you use. Skincare is something that has no universal formula and that you have a trial and error process until you find out what works for you.

Photos: João Machado