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TRY-DAY FRIDAY - Stepping out of your comfort zone and feeling happy about it

  I was challenged by  Dia & Co to step out of my comfort zone and to share with you an outfit that was out of my comfort zone. It could be whatever I wanted to as long as it was challenging for me and my personal style... 

Dia&Co is a plus size clothing brand that created this project called Try-Day Friday. I love the message behind this project because I personally feel like women tend to limit themselves. to certain color pallets or styles of clothing that fit in a certain style that they have. 
I often ask myself, what will others think if I go out in pink? What if I bought those glitter shoes, would anyone like them, but me? WOULD I BE JUDGE? I believe that you ask this same questions to yourself a lot too. 

When I saw this pair of pastel pink mom jeans all this questions popped in my mind. But the philosophy  behind this post made me get them. Even though this is completely out of my comfort zone I feel so happy when  I use them. Maybe it's because it's so different from everything else that I own, or maybe it's because I decided to embrace a style I love without worrying about what anyone else is thinking. 

Basically the message I want to put out there with this post is that no matter what your "style" is or what color pallet goes with your closet. If you love something, get it and rock it girl!
If you stop carrying so much about what everyone else is thinking you will feel so much better and happier about yourself and a lot more comfortable in your own skin, which is all that matters.
Also no one really cares about your outfit as much as you think they do.
To finish this I just want to challenge every single one of you to go out in something that is out of YOUR comfort zone and then send me a picture on Instagram or just tweet me telling me your experience. I'm just @annesperks on every social media. Anyone can be part of this amazing project by Dia & Co! If you decide to embrace it please share the links with me!

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water A Review || Skincare

We finally have Simple here in Portugal, and that is the reason why I cheated on my Garnier Micellar water:

I feel like the beauty market here in Portugal, is lacking a lot of skincare brands that are cruelty free. Specially when it comes to the drugstore. I was really excited when Simple finally started selling here. I had tried a few of their products in the past and loved them, but I couldn't get hold of them, until now.
Getting the Micellar Water was a easy choice to replace my Garnier one, which (unfortunately) isn't cruelty free.
They retail for the exact same price and have the exact same amount of product (700mL).

This product soon became a favourite (so much that I already own the smaller size as well for when I'm traveling). This product isn't artificially perfumed and it's smell bothered me a little bit.
Besides that I can say that this removes everything. I just put a little bit in a cotton pad and I use it all over my face to remove makeup. 
Most days I use it as the first step in my double cleansing routine, but when I'm feeling extra lazy this is the only product I use to remove my makeup and it works out fine.
This also removes my eye makeup like a dream. Even tough I really want to try their oil infused eye makeup remover.

All I can say is that this product is a really great cruelty free option from the drugstore, and that everyone should give it a try when it comes to removing makeup because it works wonders! 

What other products from simple should I try, now that I can get them from my local drugstore?

90% Cruelty Free Drugstore First Impressions || Makeup

If I were you I would grab a cup of coffee (actually I would grab a cocktail but you do you) because this is going to be a long one...

So I asked you guys on twitter if you wanted to see a post full of first impressions and you all said yes so here we go! I've been buying a lot of new products and I love to watch/read first impressions posts, so I had to do one! I sit here writing this after doing a full glam face of makeup and spending a night at Festival MED, the perfect way to test how everything holdup.

The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer: God knows how excited I was to try a few of The Ordinary skincare products and when I saw that this primer was back in stock I had to order it. I can say that it did not disappoint me. Believe me the last time I wore a silicone based primmer was the PoreFessionel from Benefit and I like this one just as much, if not better. It really made my pores look smaller and my skin feel super hydrated. It's super inexpensive as  well and I really like it so far.
Also The Ordinary is a cruelty free brand!

Catrice Multitalent Fixing Spray Prime and Fine: Catrice is one of my favourite cruelty free brands from the drugstore and when I saw they had released a setting spray I HAD to get it! I don't have a lot of experience when it comes to setting sprays but I can say that I loved the mist in this one. Also it made my skin feel super fresh and I could notice the blush and highlighter on my skin much longer then usual.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation: I'm trying to go cruelty free and Rimmel does test on animals when required by law (shame on you China), but I had this foundation to try out and I'm not going to be throwing away brand new makeup, so I used this opportunity to give it a try. The foundation claims to be full coverage but, in my opinion, is a solid medium coverage foundation. The color match is perfect for me (I got the shade 201 Classic Beige). I didn't love the staying power because for a foundation that claims to last 25 hours it couldn't hold up a night even with primmer, setting spray and powder. I will report back to you guys on this one.

Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer: I've eared SO many good things about this concealer that I really had to try it. First I must say that here in Portugal the shade range isn't great, I got the darkest shade available at my local drugstore (02) and it still is super light which is a down point for me because even though it brings a lot of light into my under eye it is a bit too light for the summer months. 
Besides that this product has a super tick texture but blends out like a dream. Also is probably the most high coverage concealer I ever used!

Wet N Wild Mega Last Lipstick: Believe it or not I had never tried anything from Wet N Wild, such an inexpensive and cruelty free brand. I really wanted to try something for the lips in this look and so I got two of the Mega Last Lipsticks.
First of all I must say that this product has the cheapest package I've ever seen on a lipstick. It feels like the bullet is gonna break of at any moment and it also feels like the lid is not secure. Besides that the formula of the product itself is incredible. It totally reminds me of the formula of my MAC lipsticks and I would rather buy Wet N Wild any day because they don't test on animals.
Also the color range is amazing and I'm sure you will be able to find one that you like.

IV Premium Makeup Passion Brushes: I saw this brushes at the drugstore the other day. I had never heard of the brand and I couldn't find anything online about them (meaning that I don't know their CF status), I took the risk and bought them once they were so inexpensive. I love the mix of the matte black with the metallic pink top on the handle. But that does not make the bushes worth it for me, unfortunately. 
The brushes are not dense, which is something that upsets me specially in the kabuki brush. On the first application a lot of hair fell off the brush and the packaging just feels cheap in general, as I apply my makeup I feel like the brush is about to break. So my final tip is, save some pounds and buy yourself a Zoeva Brush which are not only amazing but also cruelty free.

So this is the final look I created using this products. I felt really happy with the result. It's amazing to know that there are so many options in the market that don't test on animals. Unfortunately I'm finding it easier to find products that don't test on animals from the drugstore then from higher hand brands, which is kind of sad because sometimes I do fancy myself some higher hand makeup. 
Also I just want to say that yesterday I was at Sephora and two girls were buying Nars makeup (which is no longer a CF brand) they had around 200£ each in makeup on their hands, then a third girl shows up and says "You buying that? Nars is not cruelty free anymore.", the girls put everything back, after saying "FUCK THAT". I felt so happy when that happened, it made me realize that this is the kind of world I want to be living in, so thank you for that.

Beach bag essentials || Beauty Essentials

Today I share with you my go to beauty must haves to a pool/beach day...

The Summer is officially here, HURRAY! I don't know about you but I love to spend my summer by the pool or at the beach feeling the sun and getting a tan. But with all of that sunshine it comes a few essential products that I always care around with me in my beach bag, today I am going to share with you all of the products I religiously carry around in my beach bag. 

My number one essential is obviously sunscreen, I really like the Oriflame Sun Zone range and I swear by their face and body lotion with SPF 30. I know this might be a bit low but I always use a sun protector with a 30 SPF. I never got sun burned when using this range on SPF products, and I really recommend it. 

To go with the sunscreen another essential is a after sun. I swear by the Oriflame Sun Zone Intensive Balm. This is the most refreshing after sun I've ever used. It's also meant to use in the face which is a kind of product that I often struggle to find in the market. I really recommend this one. 

Another beach bag essential for me is a hand cream. Do you know that feeling when you let your hands dry after being in the water? Well I can't stand it! always carry a hand cream with me. It's probably my most essential product after the sunscreen of course.

I need to have my lips moisturized at all times. A product with SPF would be preferable but since I didn't have one my Hoola Lip Gloss had to do the trick. I really like this product specially in the summer. I really love me some glossy lips. It's also nice to have a few pick me up products if I need to get ready super quickly or something.

Last but not least I always carry a hair brush with me. I swear buy Wet Brushes, I have 3 of them in my house, plus one in Lisbon and one at my boyfriends. They are also really good for the beach bag to brush your hair once you get out of the water.

I really hope you guys liked this quick post. What are your essentials when it comes to going to the beach? 

My after the beach shampoo

I always like to change up my shampoo for the summer months. I go to the beach a lot and I end up washing my hair every day. I always try to look for a shampoo and conditioner that is parabens free and that is extremely hydrating. That is what I found in the new Ultimate Blends Coconut Water and Aloe Vera range from Garnier. 

The Shampoo: I really like the formula of this shampoo. It's super light weight and makes my hair feel very soft and hydrated. This is not to talk about the smell. It smells so good, fresh and summery. 
I love how my hair feels like it has been out of the hairdresser as soon as I dry my hair. It also helped my hair regain shine, something I feel like my hair really need it. 
I can say that since I started using this range my hair is in a really really good place and that I will definitely buy this product again. 

The Conditioner : I am a sucker for a hardcore conditioning product. The texture of this conditioner is really similar to a hair mask. It's super hydrating and I think you can use it almost as a mask, which is what I look for in a Summer hair care product. 
The smell is similar to the smell of the shampoo. and for me the star point of this range is the hydration and shine that brings to the hair while it still feels super light weight.

Even tho Garnier is not a cruelty free brand I really liked this product and for now I'm only taking my first baby steps into the cruelty free world. I think I will repurchases this product during the summer months. Also if you know any cruelty free hair care brands please let me know in the comments!