10 things I love about being a blogger and being part of the blogsphere

I feel awful because I said that I was going to come back to post every two days but it's been another week without blog posts, videos or things of any kind. If you follow me on Instagram (which by the way you totally should @anateresap1997) you would know that my life has been something like waking up, going to work, going to bed. It's really hard to work in a night club and spend or day sleeping but I'm starting to get into a schedule and hopefully starting to have more time to do some blog related work. Today I'm going to do a blog post on the top 10 thing about being a blogger in my modest opinion so I really hope you all like it.

1- Bloggers come in all shapes and sizes, there is no right body type to be a blogger, you can find real life people with body types that are similar to yours and that wear amazing outifits that will fit you perfectly as well. That for me is a lot better that looking at super thin models and comparing them to yourself. 

2- You make friends that are into the same things that you are, none of my not blogger friends love makeup as much as I do, it's amazing to find people with the same interests and make amazing friendships.

3- People will appreciate your hard work, nothing makes me happier then read and reply to blog comments, it's amazing that another person spends a bit of their day reading what is on my mind or looking at the pictures that I take.

4- You do what you love, and there is nothing better than doing what you love.

5- It's an incredible way of self expression, and it also gives you the change of sharing your thoughts with the world.

6- It changes the way you look at the world, for example, when I go to the drugstore or surf the web I'm always looking for new products to try out, when I try new products I'm always making a pros and cons list in my head so that I can write a honest review, or when I walk in the street I'm always looking for backgrounds for shooting an outfit post, etc

7- You learn everyday, everything I know about photography, video or photo editors, etc. I learned because of blogging.

8- You know that people are being honest when they write about something ,  and if not believe me you will know.

9- The blog will see you grow up . I was 15 when I first wrote a blog post, I'm 18 now, so much has changed, I got over the last year of middle school, high school, and now I'm going to collage. I changed so much as a person and the blog saw me changing and that makes me super happy :)

10- You keep track of your memories, how was I like in June 2014? let's just go to the blog archives and see what I posted that month, years from now I will go back to this month and I will know that those pictures ware taken on this day by that person, I will know that this was when I worked at a club as my summer job, etc. 

Bikini Top and Bottom - H&M 10 


  1. Apesar das suas desvantagens, a blogosfera até é que um mundo interessante no qual se pode crescer. E aliando isto à internet no geral, realmente é super fácil encontrar alguém que partilhe os meus gostos que nós. Espero que esteja a correr tudo bem com o teu trabalho.

  2. É dos que traz resultados imediatos :D

    Concordo plenamente! É um mundo desgastante em que damos muito de nós, onde há imensa competição, mas que vale muito a pena... Pelo menos para quem gosta :D

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    1. Sim é realmente é um mundo fantástico e só se chega lá com trabalho árduo, mas vale muito a pena.
      E como quem corre por gosto não cansa...

    2. Sim é realmente é um mundo fantástico e só se chega lá com trabalho árduo, mas vale muito a pena.
      E como quem corre por gosto não cansa...