June Favorites (All Drugstore)

I feel like my monthly favorites are always a weird thing because I feel like everyone has a million of favorites every month and I only have like 5 or 6 favorites every time. June was a different month in terms of favorite products because they are all from the drugstore and all perfect for the summer.

In the summer I love to have some messy beach waves going on in my hair and for that I love the Trésemme Perfectly UnDone Waves See Salt Spray, I've used it almost every day in June and it gives my hair a simple and messy but put together hair look that i love.
Another product that ends up being a Summer must have is the Vaseline Spray and Go in Aloe Fresh. This is an amazing refreshing and super quick step on my after shower body care routine, it's a super easy product and amazing for girls that like me are always late.
Now let's talk a bit about skincare and let's start of with makeup wipes. If you know me you would know that I'm not a big fan of makeup wipes because i don't think that they remove all the makeup in my skin but I always keep a pack in my bag just in case. The other day I got these Bonté Cleasing Wipes for combination to oily skin and I love then. They do a good job removing my makeup, they have a really fresh smell and are super budget friendly. 

Another skincare product that I've been loving is the Garnier Skin Active Oil-Infused Micellar Water. This is what i use daily to remove all of my face and lips makeup. The fact that the micellar water is infused with oil makes removing the makeup much quicker. 
For makeup I've been loving two products. The first one that I'm going to mention is the Evian Facial Spray that was just released in Portuguese drugstores. This is the mini version (because this is actually pricey and I just wanted to give it a try) I've been using it in between steps in my foundation routine and at the end of my makeup to set it and to help it last longer. I also been using it during the day to feel a bit more fresh when the makeup starts to feel a bit heavy on the face but I'm out and about, I love this product and I couldn't recommend it more.
And last but not least the only proper makeup product that I've been using is the NYX Tango With Bronze Powder in the shade Tan Enthusiasm. This is a great all in product cause I can use it as a bronzer, a blush , a highlighter and eyeshadow. The possibliatlys are endless. It's amazing for the summer because all we want is to wear as little makeup as we possibly can and this product does that job perfectly.  

What are your monthly favorites for June?
Do you love any of these products?


  1. Muito obrigado querida :D ohn, eu só tento fazer umas coisinhas divertidas :P

    Adorava testar essa água termal sobre a qual já li maravilhas!

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  2. I'll have to try the NYX Tango, it really looks like it has everything in there! Great drugstore haul (:

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

    1. It wasn't really a haul it was my monthly favorites xD
      The NYX Tango is an amazing summer product and also really good for traveling because it's kind of a everything in one
      I'm so happy with your comment because you are my first English native speaker reader and once I'm trying to change my blog to English only this means the world to me. Thank you so so so much I hope you keep coming for new content <3
      Love always

  3. Não conheço nenhum dos produtos mas parecem-me ser bastante bons.
    Tem-se lido muito bem da água termal da Evian. Não conheço este produto mas as águas termais que já experimentei, são sempre uma óptima aposta para os meses mais quentes do ano.

  4. Sim eu estou completamente rendida á da Evian :)
    Os produtos valem todos muito a pena principalmente por serem todos drugsotre :=