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Today I'm gonna talk about something a bit different. I'm going to talk about a music festival that happens every year in my home town. I'm talking about Festival MED not only a music festival but a amazing Mediterranean culture exhibition. The festival normally lasts for 3 days with a lot of concerts, great Mediterranean food and a flea market that sells things that you can't find anywhere else from clothes to jewelry. 

The main musical genre that the festival approaches is world music. This year for me was a bit different because I was working inside the festival so I couldn't attend to any concerts. The only concert I fully enjoyed was the band MBONGWANA STAR . They ware so fun to listen and to dance to. They are from Congo and I really really did enjoy their concert, even tho it's not the kind of music that I normally listen to. 

I love this festival so much because the historical center of my hometown is so alive and different that we feel like we are in a completely different country. With people that are different from the people that we normally see around town. 

Another great thing is the street artists performances that surprise us in the middle of the street. This picture is from a show with fire. I'm glad that I could actually watch this for a while because what they do feels so dangerous and amazing. For me this is truly what modern art is about.

And of course if I'm in a place where they are selling stuff I'm going to buy stuff. I love to get fun summer jewelry at Festival MED and I do it every year. This year I bought 2 different pieces that feet perfectly in my wardrobe. The first piece is this dark cork with silver details bracelete. And then I got a silver statement necklace with white details. 
The quality is really good and I have been using this pieces non stop since I got them. 

What is your favorite music festival?


  1. Não sabia da existência deste festival. Pelas fotografias, parece ser um excelente evento. As duas peças de joalharia são super giras. Gosto especialmente da pulseira.

    R.: bem, por norma, os filmes são suposto serem exibidos tanto na versão original (VO) como na versão portuguesa (VP). Mas se calhar depende dos cinemas. Provavelmente, quanto maior e mais importante for o cinema, mais facilmente terá as duas versões. Mas penso que esta deveria ser a norma para todo o lado.

    1. Ainda bem que gostas-te querida.
      Sim depende dos cinemas, há muitas salas em que têm VO e VP :)



    this is so beautiful!



    Natalie Off Duty

  3. Que sortuda e que inveja. Nunca fui ao Algarve :P

    Antes de tudo, deixa-me que te diga que adoro este género de festivais :D Em segundo, estavas lin-dí-ssi-ma <3

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    1. O festival é fantástico tens de vir ao Algarve!
      Beijinhos <3

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