MAC Liquid Lipstick - Recollection

I've always dreamed about MAC makeup products ever since I was a little girl. While growing up i became more and more aware of all the makeup brands that are out there, many have conquer a special place in my heart, such as Too Faced or Benefit for example, but when I go into a MAC store, for some reason I always feel like a true makeup expert.
That said, I've been dreaming about a MAC purple lipstick for a year or so, but when I felt like getting one, it was either sold out or I end up going with a nude. This time was different because I finally got around to buying one, and instead of buying a "regular" lipstick, and after trying many I shades and finishes I brought one of the Retro Mate Liquid Lip Color (which is just a fancy way of saying liquid lipstick) home.

When they first came out I must confess that I really didn't like the packaging, it didn't match the product. The lid just reminded me of a failed (or fake) version of the regular lipsticks and for me that was actually a big turn off.
A few months passed by and after seeing (a lot) of pictures form other bloggers with this same product I start licking the package a little bit more, still not my favourite, but I like it a bit more now.
I really like the fact that you can see the color of the lipstick, mainly because I feel super happy when I look at this color.

The size of the wand is perfect because it allows me to have maximum control while applying my lipstick which is specially important when you are playing with fun and bold colors like this one.
The applicator also contributes for a precise application due to its diamond shape. It really allows me to line my lips perfectly, without creating a huge mess.

The range has 15 shades available but the rumour has it that they will add more in January (fingers crossed). I picked the freakiest of the bunch, this amazing cold toned purple is called Recollection. It reminds me a lot of Heroine. The formula is amazing, it lasts something like 6 hours on the lips without a need to reapply (of course if you eat or drink you will need to reapply it specially in the center of your lips).
It feels super comfortable on the lips and the color is super opaque.
All I can say is that I'm really happy with it and I think that I will at least be getting High Drama and I hope that they launch a taupe/brown nude in the future.  

MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lip Colours - MAC Stores and Counters 24,50


  1. Sério? Quem? :P Com sorte até conheço :D
    Anda que combinamos uma sessão :D

    Adoro a cor :o E fica-te meeeesmo bem!

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    1. Ela vive no Algarve, não deves conhecer!
      Obrigada <3

  2. I personally also don't like the packaging of their liquid lipsticks. They could have done way better. The colour, however, is gorgeous on you!

    Love, Kerstin

    1. IKR, the packaging only reminds me of the weird fake mac products that you can find online.
      Thanks sweetie <3

  3. Absolutely love this color and you are rocking it! While it's not necessarily an every day shade, I do love it in terms of how big of a statement it is! xx Adaleta Avdic

    1. I know exactly what you mean. For me is everyday color because I have a love affair with purple lipstick (don't tell my boyfriend), but for most people it's actually a weird color to wear.
      Thanks babe <3

  4. tb acho o mesmo sobre a embalagem.. nao odeio, mas parece esquisito, no entanto amo essa cor, é perfeita!

  5. Realmente, a embalagem podia ter sido muito melhor. É absolutamente normal mas parece que lhe falta aquele toque único da MAC. De qualquer modo, a cor é mesmo fantástica, e fica-te mesmo na perfeição :)