Monthly Catch Up #1

Time: 1.35AM
Location: Huge mess that I like to call bedroom

I've been so goo with updating the blog every other day that I feel really bad for not writing any blog posts over the weekend.
I never thought that I was going to be this type of blogger, the type of blogger that took blogging so seriously that she would actually feel guilty for not adding any kind of content to her platform.
Changing my blog to English has been a really hard thing to do but now if finally gaining a English audience and knowing that consistency is the key to make it as blogger I feel bed for not giving you guys an update.

Anyway, lets move on to some happy and exiting things, last weekend was crazy (only going home to sleep kind of crazy), on Friday it was my mum work party in which I had promised to help, so I got home around 3AM. Saturday morning I went to the beach, then to a lunch, then to a birthday party and then to a fair where girl guides had a stand. Sunday went to the place of my childhood, which is basically a island where I used to camp when I was a kid and it's probably where my first memories took place. Monday wasn't last crazy, I spend all morning trying to solve collage stuff, so that I can apply and then I went to the beach. 

Next Friday I will start at my Summer job which I'm quite exited about, mainly because it will be amazing to have my own money. Unfortunately that also means that I'm going to get in this crazy schedule (because I'll be working in a night club), and I promisse that I'm going to try my best to keep going with the blog and youtube, but I don't know if I will be able to.
I'm also going to focus on the next few days on getting my life back on track, cleaning my room, planing blog posts, maybe I will even go shopping.
For now I just want to thank you guys for putting up with me and say that I'm sorry for this weird and long blog post.
By the way all the beautiful pictures ware taken at the Island on Sunday. 



  1. Infelizmente nunca fui ao Algarve mas quase toda a gente diz maravilhas :P

    Ando com alguma curiosidade em relação a esse livro :D

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    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

    1. Eu já acabei (li em 3 dias).
      Adorei, se quiseres podes ver a review no meu goodreads!

  2. Gorgeous photos! I love your blog!

    Bella x

  3. Thanks so much sweet Bella <3
    Keep following darling <3
    Love always

  4. How exiting!! Good luck with your new job

  5. As fotografias estão super giras. Já tinha ouvido falar do livro mas não o conheço, mas a verdade é que a capa, apesar de ser super simples, é linda.

    Boa sorte para o teu trabalho. Espero que corra tudo bem :)

  6. O livro é muito bom adorei.
    Obrigada, está a correr bem!