Long sunny days by the pool

Happy Monday! A new week and I'm still so excited about the rythm that I've accomplished here on the blog on this month of September (honestly I've posted more posts since September 1st then the whole month of August!)
September has been a very very very hot month, so it totally still feels like Summer (ignoring the whole back to school thing). I've been by the beach or by the pool almost every afternoon with my family, friends and boyfriend, and honestly I've been having a really great time. 

I really love this bikini, the top is from H&M and the bottoms ware stolen from my mums bikini collection (sorry, not sorry). I love black but with a hint of color white the pink tropical flower patron. 
I also love the way it's shaped a bit like a bra. I think it's so trendy and fashionable.

Also I had such a hard time picking what pictures to post because of my friend Rob that took all of these amazing pictures and also because of the amazing house where i took them.

I really like this picture, mainly because I had no idea I was being photographed and also because I feel like I'm walking on a runway or something.

So yeah this is it. I really hope that you guys like this post, I know it was a bit different but I really haven't done an outfit post in so long that this just felt right, also thanks for keeping up with this humongous post! 
XoXo <3


  1. Obrigado querida :D Fica um encanto :D

    Vejo que aproveitaste o verão ao máximo e isso é ótimo :D

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    1. Exactamente, Verão é Verão e é para aproveitar a 100%

  2. Com o tempo que está por todo o país, só se aguenta mesmo ao pé de uma piscina, ou mesmo de molho dentro de uma :p E há que aproveitar os últimos momentos de férias, não é? As fotografias estão super giras.

    1. Tem estado um calor que não se aguenta.
      Obrigada babe <3