New babes from Lush

Today we are talking about a few bits that I got from Lush (actually my moms friend gave her this but I stole it, so let's pretend that I got this from Lush). 
First I'm gonna talk about the Sultana of Soap. I'm totally not a soap person I think it is normally really drying on the skin, but this one it isn't. 
And that the main thing that lush claims, that this is great for dry skin and that I can confirm.
I love the soft and yet sophisticated smell and after all I think it's a great soap.

And then the star of the show, the Mask of Magnaminty. I was dieing to try a face mask from Lush and when I found this on the packadge I can say that I was really happy about it.
As the name says this mask as a strong mint sence to it, and it really cleases your skin. It's really good to control oil and also to exfoliate.
You aply the mask, let it set for 10 minutes and then you do a little bit of a scrub while removing it.

I must say that Lush is a brand that never fails to disapoint me and that I love the very few things that I've tried from them. Also Lush is a brand that does not test on animals and only buy ingredients that waren't tested on animals, which I honestly think it's amazing.


  1. Lush product's are really great! Loved this one!xx

  2. Não conheço a marca mas já ouvi falar muito bem dela.
    Ambos os produtos parecem-me ser bastante bons.

    1. A lush é uma marca fantástica de skincare sem ser estupidamente cara. A máscara é mesmo um produto favorito!