September 1st Time to go Back to Hogwarts

Hello lovely September. I don't know about you guys but September as always felt like a fresh start (a lot more then January actually). 
I love back to school season (not actually going back to the school stressful space) buying school supplies and making everything look pretty and pull together (to pretend that I have my life in order).
I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to office supplies (and washi tape, manly washi tape), i like to have the most cute and colorful pens and I spend to much time working on cute handwriting to add to my Bullet Journal.

I'm going to start collage on the 19th, and I'm pretty exited but also I'm a bit scared all at once. I'm moving to Lisbon and it's going to be a new and exiting part of my life.
I'm also going to start a new Back To Series on my YouTube channel (and I will also have one or two posts poppin up here and there on Anne's Perks), if you have any video ideas or requests please leave them in the comment section.
I'm going to keep you update because I'm gonna try my best (and no I'm not keeping promises, just working really hard) to have a new post here everyday at least for the month of September. 
And by the way good luck for anyone who went back to Hogwarts this year, unfortunately last year was my 7th #GryffindorProud (I love how I feel totally normal talking about Hogwarts as if it's a totally regular school that we all go to).
Anyway, enough with this huge post, good luck for all of you that are about to go back to school or have already gone back. 
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  1. Boa sorte para a próxima etapa da tua vida. Estou certa que irá ser uma óptima experiência :)

    As minhas próximas aulas só começam daqui a um mês, por isso acho que ainda não entrei bem no espírito do regresso às aulas. Mas uma coisa é certa, esta é uma muito melhor altura para fazer resoluções, do que a altura do ano novo.

  2. Obrigada, também acho que sim.
    Pois eu compreendo e concordo pleamente, screw new year resolutions. At least in September you can make them without the New Year pressure that is normally attached to them :)