3 accessories to take your outfit from basic to amazing

Autumn is my absolutely favourite season. I love the weather, I love the colours but above all I love Autumnal Fashion. Summer in my opinion is the IDK season and by this I mean is normally too hot to think about an outfit other than flip flops and a dress. When the weather changes in the beginning of October, I start to want to accessorize more, and take my outfits from level I don't care to level I really thought about this when I got up this morning.  

One of the easiest ways to make us look like we tried when we actually didn't (talking about the American Dream) is to use a statement belt. I went to Pull&Bear the other day and I found the perfect brown one. I love how the buckle is Western inspired and has a lot of details.

And then I had to get a black one, because what is life without having a black version of everything.
This one is super simple, just a great classical black belt with a slightly bigger buckle then normal.
Anyway I think that this is really great way to accessorize in a very simple way.

Step number two, combat boots. Again I've a love affair with combat boots. You can create a lot of different outfits with them. Pair them with a t-shirt dress and socks and you have a girlier look, but wear them with ripped jeans and a band T and you have a more grungier look. 
I got this exact pair last year from Aldo and I wore them to exhaustion, so I went there and I repurchased the last pair available in Portugal.  They are super comfortable and I cannot imagine my life or closet without them.

And now for the unexpected part of this post, we are gonna talk about a hat. I always envied people in hats. I was never a hat kind of gal, I love how good they look, I just never thought they looked that good on me. Last weekend I was in Xtyle looking at the discounted items and trying some Carhartt beanies on (and fyi I looked like one of the dwarfs from Snow White) and there it was. I beautiful brick colour hat from Brixton. I tried it on and it was perfect. I had to get it. I think that this hat (or any hat that you may have) levels up my outfit so much, and it's perfect for when my hair is a total mess which is a big plus.

Do you guys have any favourite accessories for the Autumnal months? I would love to ear all about it in the comments!


  1. Também o acho a melhor cena de sempre :D

    Concordo contigo. Não saio de casa sem cintos e só substituo os chapéus por lenços XXL porque acho que os chapéus não me ficam bem :(

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    1. Também sou fã incondicional dos lenços XXL, em relação aos chapéus acho que simplesmente ainda não encontraste O TAL, pois até este eu também pensava assim e agora sou fã!

  2. Majoooor love to those belts!


  3. Estás cada vez mais gira Ana! Sempre a melhorar!
    Acho que não vou tão cedo a Lisboa :(

    1. Awwwwnnnn muito obrigada <3
      Deixa, pode ser que eu vá ai acima e depois tens de me mostrar as vistas!

  4. The hat is perfect... Love the color

  5. Ikr?! What an amazing thing to own to everyone's wardrobe!