What I did and where I went in Azores (pt 3)

Maybe it was the huge amount of random pictures that I have from Azores, maybe it was Annas blogpost on the city guide of Barcelona, I'm not sure, all I can say is that I'm here to show you guys a huge amount of random pictures that ware taken during my 5 day stay in the beautiful island of São Miguel.
If you want to see two of the outfits I wore during my stay you can check them here and here.

So once we got to Ponta Delgada airport my aunt picked us up and then we went for drinks in the beautiful Ponta Delgada Marina. This place in my opinion is a must visit because it has a crazy variety of bars and restaurants and nice places do hang out and have some relaxing time, also the view is simply breath taking. You have an amazing feeling of peace because you are literally in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. 

The second day was marked by a visit to my aunts family in the Nordest and then to a mandatory visit to the beautiful Lagoa das Furnas, where they make the traditional "cozido das furnas" that is basically cooked under the ground due to the eat of the Earth itself. Then we headed to Furnas where we tried corn that was cooked underground as well and of course your girl here had Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup (honestly who can say no to their favourite ice cream?!). From there we went to the most relaxing natural place where I've ever been, Poça da Dona Beija, which is basically a natural spa with warm water pools (39ºC kind of warm water), this is definitely a must visit place if you are going to be visiting Azores soon,  I have no words to tell you how amazing this was. 

Day three started with a walk down the Ponta Delgada downtown followed by a mandatory visit to the Lagoa das Sete Cidades. This place was breathtaking to say the least (I feel like this post is getting kind of repetitive so please bare with me).
Then I want to the region of Lagoa to pick up the cake for the Wedding with my aunt (if you didn't know this I went to Azores to go to my uncle Wedding), and then we had a kind of bachelorette dinner in the Ponta Delgada Marina followed by drinks, nothing to extravagant because the wedding was on day four of our trip.

On the fourth day it was basically the Wedding, I don't have much to say about it, besides that it was my favorite part of the whole week. for obvious reasons. 
I had loads of fun there with my family.
If you are wandering the dress is from Mango, the shoes are from Aldo and the bag is from Parfois.
I obviously got my hair done (because I have zero skill to do my hair) and the makeup was done by moi meme to everyone on the family. 

On the day after the Wedding we went to the beautiful Ilhéu de Vila Franca a nature wonder, a little island where the ocean is as blue as you can think, there are a lot of fishes swimming with you in the water and again made me feel completely in peace with mother nature. 
After noon I went to American Liberty Store with my aunt and then we walked around Ponta Delgada once again, we visited a little Tea Shop and had the best Iced Tea I've ever had at Le Louvre Miqueilense. 
We had an awesome goodbye dinner in a great restaurant (if you ever go to Azores I totally recommend you to eat all of the steaks you can, because they are amazing) and went to the bar where i uncle works for a Karaoke night, and sorry to disappoint you but no, I did not sing. 

On the last day all we wanted to do was to visit a tower in Ponta Delgada to have a few panoramic shots of the city. So we went there and the view was amazing. 
I really loved my trip to Azores, it was super fun and relaxing. It's a travel destination that I couldn't recommend more. I loved it and I honestly cannot wait to go back. 
And by the way sorry for the huge post, if you want to see it i'm gonna leave my Azores vlog right here so that you can check it out, but I must say that it's in Portuguese! 


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    1. É o Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick na cor Recollection!

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