How to feel happier and relaxed/ Azores pt2

I'm the kind of person that likes to take the world on their shoulders. Last year this drove me to absorb all of the stress from a lot of people and concentrated on myself which made me have an attack due to accumulated stress and I had to go to Emergency Room in the Hospital because my arm had been shaking for like 4hours non stop. The doctor then prescribed some pills but I didn't want to take them so I decided that I needed to change for myself and I did. Almost a year after I can say that I'm in the most relaxed and happier place I've ever been and I thought that it was time to share with you guys some tips on how to feel better about your place in the world and your place in life.

Put yourself first: This may sound cliché but is crazy how low on my priority list I used to put myself. I always let myself try to take care of the world but I forgot to take care of myself, this led to a super depressive state of mind and to being kind of unhappy. So now I like to take at least and hour a day to read a book, to workout, to photograph or do something else that makes me feel productive and happy about myself.

Don't let others get you down: By this I just mean that sometimes we let our friends problems or problems we have with a group of people that do not affect us directly get to us in a way that we start feeling like it's our problem when it's not and we can't do anything to solve it. I've been trying not to get affected by other people problems so much and I really feel like this has had a great effect on my state of mind.

Clean body, clean mind: Changing a bit my food habits has helped me so much in so many aspects of my life. It makes me feel better about my body, I have more energy and I feel a lot more productive, and by change I mean small things like making my own sugar free iced tea or adding at least 3 veggies in every meal I cook.

Drink Water: Drinking a lot of water kind of did the same to me, my metabolism is faster, my skin is healthier. Also makes me feel like I achieved something everyday (when i drink my daily water goal). It's great for you and really will make you feel great about yourself in every way.

Try new things, new experiences, new adventures: Okay in the last month I moved away, I made new friends, and had a bunch of new experiences but you don't need a huge change like this to try new things, it can be something as simple as asking for a different dish at your favourite restaurant or maybe go to a new restaurant. Go visit places in your surroundings (museums, parks, beaches, etc.), do something that will make you feel a bit different a bit adventurous and believe me you will feel a lot better about life in general. 

Focus on what makes you happy: This comes along with tips number one and two, but last year when I was stressed and crazy I did the exact opposite, I used to only find time to do what i felt like I had to do, things that didn't make me happy at all, I neglected my blog, my theater group and all of the other things that used to make me happy, this made me feel depressed and stress. This year I gave up on that, right now I'm the kind of person that truly believes that if you are not doing what you love you are wasting your time and believe me I'm tired of wasting my time.

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  1. Ohn, obrigado minha querida :D

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    1. É exactamente o que disseste super relaxante e encantador!