My small Autumnal Nail Polish Collection

I'm the total opposite of a nail polish kind of girl. I'm a nail biter and I'm deeply convinced that is a honest disorder of some kind.  So has you can imagine I don't paint my nails that often, plus they are too weak (read above). I love the concept of nail polish, the colors and how much prettier my nails look when I got them done.
My nail polish collection has also grown quite a bit due to Sephora Sales mainly but also because I'm determined to stop with the nail biting once for all (you know, the all I'm in college now, I'm an adult and I'm wiser).
So today I decided to give you a long one and talk (actually write) all about the nailpolishes I brought with me to Lisbon for Autumn.

So first let's cover the basics. The first part of my small collection is a nail cleansing polish, a base coat and a top coat all of them by Formula X. I've been wanting to try  this nail kit since it came out but it was to expensive in my opinion at least for me to invest in, i got it for 10 euros at a Sephora sale and believe me I couldn't be more in love with it.

So to go with the kit I had to get two of the polishes (that ware also discounted for 14 euros to 4, you can't say no). The colours are amazing the formula is great and it lasts for like 2 weeks on my nails. The colors I own are White Matter and Free Spirit.

Then I must talk about the one I blame for my sudden nail polish craze. It all started in the summer when Essie was having 35% of their nail polishes and I really wanted a white one, but it was sold out so I end up with this light creamy kind of color. The formula is amazing, it lasts a solid week on my nails and drys super quickly. The shade we are talking about Limo-Scene (I know super clever name). 

Then let's step into the ones that ware given to my by the brand Andreia last year in InBeauty. I'm talking about the shades 156 and 160, the greys with the regular formula, and the E15 the classic red in the 14 ever formula, a formula that claims work kind of like a gel polish, when they gave it to me it came in a set with the base and top coat from the same range which I really like. But I must confess that I've never tried this red polish before. 

Another one from Sephora sales, probably the most Autumnal colour of them all. This is Bourjois Ultra Shine So Laque! in the shade Violine Chic. I love the formula, I love the colour. I love this one and I give a huge thumbs up to Bourjois nail polish in general. 

And last but not least the one with the weakest formula, but probably the most unique colour. This is a metallic army green/ dark purple/ navy blue/ silver all in one. It looks amazing on the nails and a bit different every single time. Oh did I mention that I'm talking about the Kiko Nailpolish in the shade 433.

Swatches left to right: Essie Limo-Scene; Formula X White Matter; Formula X Free Spirit; Andreia 156; Andreia 160; Andreia E15; Bourjois Violine Chic; Kiko 433

What do you guys think of this? What are you guys favourite colours for the fall time?


  1. love your selection! on fall im usually more keen on reds/burgundys/purples and blacks!

    also thanks for the tip. i need to try those lip liners ;) i love the matte lipsticks aswell

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