My take over on the messy bun

If you know me you know that my skill for hairstyles is basically non existing, and to prove that I'm gonna talk about the easiest hairstyle ever to be done, yes I'm talking about the messy bun.
I've been wanting to try this out for quite some time now, a kind of more put together messy bun then normal, so I went on the wonderful tutorial world (aka youtube) and I found this one which is basically a bun like I do every day when I'm on the go but less tight and without hair out of my bun.
By the way this one is away cutter then what I normally do.

I'm in love with this hairstyle, mainly because it's a hair style that I can actually make which for me is an achievement but also because keeps my hair out of my face, is not a pony tail and makes me look pulled together (when we all know that I'm a huge mess).
By the way my pants are from Tifosi and the sweater is from Pull&Bear.

What do you guys think of this post and what about this hairstyle?