The affordable lip liner you need in your collection

I was never the kind of person that owned a thousand lip liners or that can't wear a lipstick without a lipliner underneath. 
After reading many amazing review of the PS Lip Liner Pencil from Primark however I knew I had to give them a go.
And true to be told, I have worn a lip liner every day since I got them last week.

I got three of them (top to bottom): 
06: A nude mauve pink that goes against my no pink lipsticks allowed kind of philosophy. 
05: A true bright(er) red.
19 (Tofee): A dark brown with a orange undertone.

The formula on this products is absolutely amazing. They are so smooth and easy to apply, however they allow me to define my lips perfectly. 
Plus they make my lipstick last a lot longer then normal. 
I've been enjoying to use them under my lipstick or with just a bit of lipgloss on top, either way they look amazing. 

Number 19 was the first one I picked, on the package looked like a really simple brownie nude lipstick, but once I tried it on the lips it completely changed. It's a warm brown lip liner with a orange undertone that goes really well with Taupe from MAC. It's an amazing colour to use by itself with only a bit of lip gloss on top as well.

This one is out of my comfort zone (like everything that is not nude or purple).Number 05 is a bright red, it was the only red shade that was available in my Primark when I went to get it and for 1.5 euro I thought why not? I don't regret it, the formula is as amazing as the other ones and the colour goes really well with my Studded Kiss lipstick or with more cool toned reds. 

And last but absolutely not least my favourite, number 06. When I got it I thought it was going to be a lot pinkier that what it is (so much that I almost left it on the store) now I'm so glad I picked it up because it is the perfect cool tone mauve. It looks amazing with a lot of my lipsticks and with a lot of my clothes and makeup looks for Autumn. 
I'm completely in love with it, so much that I'm thinking about buying a few to give away to friends as one smaller Birthday/Christmas gift. All I can tell you is that next time I go to Primark I will definitely pick a few more of this colour because from what I heared is always out of stock.

What do you guys think of this absolute bargain? Have you tried it? Will you?  Tell me everything in the comment section!


  1. Lovely shades of red, wow, your eyes, simply stupendous!

    Madame X
    The Flower Duet

    1. Awwwnn thank you so much sweetie :)
      I love the red colour as well!

  2. Também já ouvi dizer :o E os da Clinique custam rios de dinheiro o.o

    O número 19 é lindo mas o 6 fica-te a matar :o

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    1. Sim podes acreditar que eu já usei os dois e sou mais fã do da Cien.
      Awwwn muito obrigada :)