The drugstore all in one makeup remover you must try

Today I bring you guys a review on one of my favourite skincare products from the drugstore.
First of all I must confess that I adore Garnier skincare and in my opinion they have a few of the best products in the market. I love their makeup wipes, I'm addicted to their eye makeup remover, I love their mattifying face moisturizer and I also adore their micellar waters (I've tried the classic pink one, the oily skin blue one and this one).

Being a person that loves the Garnier Fresh Eye Makeup Remover (see above) I knew I had to get my hands on this micellar water. The variation on this one is that the micellar water is that it's a oil-infused formula, which means that this is every lazy girls dream on a product.
The Garnier Skin Active Oil-Infused Micellar Water  removes everything from my face, literally every freaking thing! And i mean waterproof mascara, high coverage foundation and everything in between.

You just have to shake the product first to get everything mixed in and them grab a cotton pad and remove your makeup.
I love the feeling this leaves in my skin after I use it, makes my skin feel super hydrated and 100% clean.
Also after using this I ALWAYS wash my face and use a good face wash to make sure I remove every bit of product that might still be in my face.

Overall I think that this product is really good and that everyone should give it a try, mainly because I doubt that you can get a better price for a all in one kind of makeup remover.
I must say though this has worked for me it can not workout for you once everyone has different skin types and reacts different to products.
If you want to know I have combination to oily skin and this hasn't make me breakout or be oilier then normal.

Have you guys tried this product? What do you think about it?


  1. Awww, és uma querida! Mil obrigados :3

    Já estive para experimentar mas, como tenho pele olesosa, fico sempre de pé atrás :/

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  2. eu também tenho pele oleosa, mas sinceramente devias de experimentar :)