A very monochromatic birthday wishlist

So my birthday is next Saturday and I cannot believe that I'm turning 19, Jesus i feel OLD!
Anyway today I decided to make a birthday wishlist (more like a list of things I know I will end up buying for myself). I must say tho I'm absolutely NOT expecting to get any of these but I just thought that you guys might like the post. Also I'm the worst at doing this collages kind of thing so don't kill me.
First I would love to get the book The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. I've been wanting to get my hands on a copy of this book for a long time and since the movie came out I've been wanting to do that even more.
Then I need a new Beauty Blender (mine is so used that it's shameful to still use it on daily basses). I would love to use the Pro version aka black Beauty Blender.
I want a pair of heels that look cool in the winter months. The other day I was checking Stradivarius and I fell in love with these beautiful pair of boots (spoiler alert they might be my Bday present for myself these year).
Another thing I've been loving for months is the faux leather bomber from Zara. It's absolutely beautiful and I really cannot wait to get my hands on it. 
Last and absolutely not least, FOO FIGHTERS ARE COMING TO PORTUGAL! It would be awesome to get a ticket for my birthday! Anyway I know I will go to the concert if I don't get the ticket for my birthday. 

Anyway I hope this gave you good Christmas wishlist or ideas if you need to buy a present for someone soon.


  1. Obrigado querida :D Ohn, comigo aconteceu o mesmo. Andei tempos afio a tentar encontrá-lo :/

    Foste bem meiguinha a pedir :P Adoro os botins :D

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    1. AHAHA update: os botins, o casaco e o bilhete já cá cantam, só falta mesmo o resto!

  2. My boyfriend & I loved the girl on the train movie. Now I want to read the book! :]

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  3. I couldn't go to the cinema to see it, but i really really want to. And yes the book is something I really want to read!