Black is my happy colour

Yes I do realize that my Perks have been exclusively fashion later. But what can I say, I've been lacking of time to shoot proper beauty posts (this has been a crazy week TBH) and fashion ones are a bit easier for me, all I need a friend who is willing to grab the camera and take a few pictures of what I'm wearing.
Last Sunday I was lucky enough to have my friends Rob and Sophie shooting this outfit with me, Rob is an amazing photographer (you all should go check ins Instagram @theroquehead) and Sophie kind of directed the pictures (or at least she says she did and we are not going to disagree).
This outfit is very monochromatic but what can I say, black is my happy colour.
All of this pieces ware birhtday presents, the boots (that have a whole post dedicated to them) are from Stradivarius, the dress and the bomber (that was part of my Birthday Wishlist) are both from Zara.
And let me just say that Zara has an amazing collection on stores right now and I can't wait to go back there.

My makeup was very simple but I honestly cannot do a monochromatic look without a very bold lipstick, the one I pick out today was MAC Studded Kiss, which is this amazingly rich brownie kind of red colour that look amazing and super bold.
I decided to rock a ponytail because I felt like that was the bold addiction to level up this outfit.
In general I feel like one colour only outfits help us look a lot better then when we mix a lot of coulous.

Dress: 12.95Zara; Bomber Jacket: 29.95Zarar; Booties 29,95€; Stradivarius

What is your favourite colour to creat a monochromatic look with?


  1. adoro tudo, em especial a makeup! e concordo em relaçao a zara, mas faz como eu, espera pela black friday! :p

  2. Valem imeeeeenso a pena, mesmo :p E são de perder o controlo ahah

    Adoro o look e adoro o preto embora me traga recordações menos boas :D Vestia taaaanto esse bomber :D

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  3. Adoro o look, as botas são lindas!!!
    Não conhecia o blog mas vou já seguir ehehe

  4. Oh very cute style darling! I love it this black style