Out of the Grandpas Wardrobe Literally

Basically the evil collage got in the way and I could not post during the last week, which I'm so sorry about. But anyway today I'm gonna do a fashion post (which I haven't done in a while). Also I'm gonna get a bit personal and talk about what I did last Sunday.
So on Sundays all the museums in Lisbon are free (which is amazing, specially if you are a history/art nerd like I am). This Sunday me and my best friend Vera to the new museum that opened on the 5th of October and is the MAAT (Museum of Art Architecture and Technology). These museum has been super hyped about so we had to take the opportunity and go check it.

My outfit was as simple as it always is. I styled my Vans slip ons that are leopard print and I got from Xtyle Store in the half priced section with my Nicky Jeans from Tifossi and a super simple white top from Zara.
I accessorized the outfit whit my Brixton hat (also from the 50% of part of Xtyle Store), my Pull and Bear belt and my amazing purse from Accessorize that is prefect for when I need to Mary Poppins.

Then the cool part about this post and about a lot of my Autumn outfits is, I steal clothes from my grandpas wardrobe. Even tho you cannot see it, I'm wearing a Flannel Shirt that used to belong to him (not anymore) and this amazing super over sized leather jacket. This jacket was bought like 40 years ago when my grandparents visited Venice. My grandma bought this jacket for him but it was found alone in the back of the closet 2 years ago by me and it has been my favorite coat ever since.I think it fits my style perfectly well. The quality is incredible (duh the jacket is 40 years old!!!!!) it's super warm and cozy and because men are not supposed to carry bags with them it has a gazillion pockets which makes it perfect when I don't want to carry a huge bag with me

The MAAT itself was a huge disappointment. The exhibition in the main building (that is free until March) it's only free because the main exhibition rooms only open in March, which is ridiculous.
Besides that they had the EAMES exhibition in the smaller building, and once we ware there we decided to take a look.
If you don't know who I'm talking about Charles and Ray Eames are an amazing pair of designers for the US.

I really liked their designs and the exhibition in general but I think that they are a lot of better museums in Lisbon if you are traveling here any time soon.
Even tho I must say that the arquichteure in the MAAT main building is remarkable and the fact that is super close to the River makes it a great location for taking pictures.
Also I would say it's and ok place to visit if you are in the Belém area.

 The temperature drooped A LOT so a little visit to Starbucks was kind of mandatory! By the way Holiday Drinks are here! Yeeey! Can't wait to go back and get a gingerbread latte!
Anyway I hope you guys like this little post and if you wanna see me style more pieces from the man section I would be more then glad to do it.


  1. Para o preço compensa imenso :D

    Adorava lá ir! Estás giríssima :D O bomber é top!

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  2. Obrigada :)
    Honestly não vale muito a pena, tens tantas coisas melhores para ver por Lisboa.

  3. Love your jacket , so pretty.