The Importance of Buying a Birthday Present from: Me to: Me

My birthday was on the 12th of November and having that in mind and also the fact that Christmas is around the corner brought to my mind the idea of a post in which I talked about why is it important to treat ourselves/ why we should buy birthday gifts for ourselves.

So if you read the post on my Birthday Wishlist you would have seen these beautiful pair of heel booties from Stradivarius. I must say that when I bought that I knew that they ware going to be my birthday present for myself.
This is a habit I developed over the years, it started with buying something quite simple like a Bourjois lipstick (which felt like splurging a lot of money on the lipstick when I did it for the first time) and grew to be a habit in which I save a bit of money and I buy a couple of things for me, this year besides the boots I also got myself a new lingerie to wear on my birthday (but that felt a bit too much to share here),
We shouldn't need a special occasion to treat ourselves, but if we cannot do it any other time, at least on our birthday we should do that. Because let's face it that is what a birthday is, a celebration of our life. So my main point is, if you want a new bag, a new wallet, a new dress or that Dior perfume you have been dreaming about for ages, NOW is the time to get it, no regrets, no guilty feeling after buying it.
Really think that is important to show some self love once in a while and i believe that everyone should do it more often. 


  1. i agree with you so much!also, love the boots

  2. Acontece-me exatamente o mesmo... Se bem que ainda não faço o baking no 100% :P Estou a preparar tutorial sobre isso e acho que podias fazer também ihihi

    O nosso próprio reconhecimento pessoal é super importante e não deveria ser só em datas como aniversário. Devemos sempre permitir-nos a um mimo material :D Btw, as botas são lindas :o

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    1. Tenho de comprar um pó solto novo e depois talvez pense nisso :)
      Concordo pleanamente, obrigada <3