Christmas and analogical cameras

On the second post of Blogmas I decided to bring in the Christmas Spirit and just show you guys some of my analogical pictures from my childhood.
This pictures are really old because they are from the house we had before this one and I've been living here for 13 years.

Christmas is all about family and good times and I feel like good times are captured a lot better in an instant picture, when you have no second chances. I love my Instax Mini 8 but nothing compares to the magic that we felt back in the days when we had to wait for the film to get revealed (ok, I'm starting to feel old).
I particularly love this picture because it's the only one I have we all my aunts/uncles and JESUS we look so young!

Christmas is also about presents either we like it or not. When we are kids it's all about Santa and the magic that getting a present and unwrapping the beautiful paper.
Has we grow up I feel like it becomes a lot more about gift giving then the opposite. I'm honestly thinking about giving a box with loads of pictures form the past years to my parents, it's something so personal that I know they will love and cherish, and it's also a present that can work for all of the people that we have to give gifts to.  

And of course THE FOOD. SO MUCH FOOD. Amazing food, the drinks, the good times, the sweets. I just love FOOD  and specially in the Christmas time the time we get to spend catching up with each other. It's just magical, the union we feel around the Christmas table it's one of my favourite parts.

What do you guys think of analogical cameras?


  1. Love this post lady, it's so nice to look back at old photos and reflect! Christmas for me is ALL about family (and OBV the food haha!). Can't wait to see the rest of your Blogmas posts! :)

    Hayley xo

  2. Thanks so much, I love to look at old Christmas pictures to get me in the Christmas Spirit :)
    Happy Christmas <3