My 4 eyeliner tips for a perfect winged liner every time

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Eyeliner, the Achilles hill of most girls when it comes to makeup. We all want to know how to achive the perfect super intense, black and smooth eyeliner. And for that here I am to tell you all about my tips and tricks + the products I wear to get a result that amazing. 

1: Wings, like brows, are sisters, not twins. Do not beat yourself up if your wings don't look exactly the same. Of course that practice leads to perfection but anyone that plays with makeup know how tricky this can be. Don't try to hard mascara is your best friend when it comes to conceal every little mistake.
2: Use some kind of tape to help you get similar wings, believe me there is no best way when you are starting out. 
3: Find what suits you better. In my opinion there is nothing better then using an eyeliner pen to do my eyeliner, but for you it might be gel, who knows. Don't be afraid to try out all of the options that there are out there. 

4: To achieve a similar eyeliner to mine that will last 12Hours without smudging I really recommend that you start with a liquid eyeliner (pen) and that you get the shape in both eyes, my favourite one is the Master Precise from Maybelline. Then top it with some gel formula, I love the one from Oriflame but to this set the key is to use the right brush, I recommend the Zoeva 317 Wing Liner. Then top it of with some black eyeshadow, the one I use, abuse and love is the black shadow from the Zoeva Nude Spectrum Pallet et voilá this is how your eyeliner will remain looking great throughout the day. 


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