Seeking for inspiration in nature #Blogmas5

Going back home is always an exciting thing when you are living away. Last Monday it was my best friends birthday and we when out for lunch and then we decided to take a walk in the park.
It was amazing to catch up with everyone and just be with friends.

To be honest my outfit was looking super awful, but the colours (of the wind) ware so inspiring that I HAD to take so pictures for the blog.
The outfit it self is super comfortable and perfect for the colder days.
I paired this flannel shirt (that belongs to my friend, but my outfit was so rubbish that I had to borrow her this). Then I paired it with a pair of black leggins that are basically all I wear all day everyday and my combat boots from Aldo.

The message I want to pass with this post is that if you are feeling inspired you should do it, you shouldn't let anything stop you from what makes you happy. For me its blogging, for you it might be something else, JUST DO IT, and believe me,little things like this will make you feel a lot better about yourself and a lot happier with life in general. 

Also if you are seeking for inspiration just GET OUT OF THE F... COUCH! Go outside, enjoy the silence of nature, because it will also do wonders do your mood. 


  1. São meeeesmo :D

    Quero essa camisa +.+ We have a deal :D

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  2. i actually think you looked so good and cool and the pictures are beautiful!