The winter skincare essential

 The season of hardcore heavy makeup looks is here!
I love wearing everything from liquid lipstick, to bold eyeliner. I like to go out there looking like I'm about to go to a party (because there is no bigger party then being alive). But with all of this comes the boring part which is... WE NEED TO REMOVE MAKEUP! Boring, I know, but necessary. I could do another post in which I would just explain to you how important it is to remove your makeup on daily basses, but today I'm going to talk about one amazing all in one product that will make the boring makeup removing step a lot better, I'm talking about the The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter.

I have no words to tell you how amazing this product is. It removes everything and all you need is a tiny pea size little bit. It has a very dry butter texture but once you apply it it turns into a oil and rinses of your makeup.
Each package has 90ml (7.6g) which believe me it will last you ages.
Also if you just want to give it a try you can go to a The Body Shop Store and ask for a sample of it and they will gladly give you one.

So here is the makeup look I was wearing today, with some matte liquid lipstick, mascara, long lasting foundation, bronzer, blush, brows, mascara, eyeliner, etc.

So this is a tinny bit more then what I normally use and this much will remove all of your makeup, I promise.
I rub this in my hands to warm it up and then I just rub it all over my face in order to melt off my makeup.


Then I would normally rinse it off with some warm water but for the sake of this post I just just damped a face cloth with some war mother and removed everything with it.

Et voilá! This is the final result, a 100% makeup free skin that feels super amazing and soft. 

Where? How much? Why?
The Body Shop. Around 14€ . Because it will make your skin feel amazing and clean. 

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  1. E acho que é a melhor escolha :D São as intemporais :D Escolhe só com um pouco de salto :D

    Bem, parece ser verdadeiramente bom. Tenho imensa pena de não ter uma BS perto -,-
    De momento uso um creme de rosto de camomila, também. Acalma imeeeenso a pele :o

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