A little updade || Fresh Start

After two really confusing months I decided to come back and I decided that you guys deserved a little update, so I'm gonna tell you what I've been up to, covering all aspects, fromcollage and traveling to future plans and life in general...

So February was a very busy month, from traveling to Porto, to spending Carnaval at home and coming back to Lisbon, with a few not so pleasant events in between (that I won't be talking about in here). I haven't stopped for a minute, and March is following the same path. While I write the blog post I'm in my boyfriends house put to bed by an awful cold (YEEEEY), and the motivation to write has been close to 0. 

I've started to look at my blog more and more like an obligation but in a good way. I want to succeed as a blogger and for that I need to work hard. I've been shooting a lot and trying to improve the quality of my picture and the next step is to change the design of this platform. This is mine and I'm a perfectionist, and my blog doesn't illustrate that and it totally should. 
I learned that QUALITY is better then quantity and that if I do my best is not the end of the world if I don't post every single day as long my content is the best I can post!
I must go now but I want you to always remember that everything will be ok as long as you always do your best to put the best version of yourself out there.

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