Back home to the beach and waves || The Lighting Bolt Lookbook

There is no place like home, and home to me means going to the beach, today I guide you to an amazing weekend at an event with X-Tyle, Lighting Bolt and My Party Flowers...


The Surf and Wheels Event totally fits with Lighting Bolt surfer vibe and that is why X-Tyle decided to team up with the brand for the event. Thanks to that I was actually given the opportunity to put up a few outfits for a post. 
All of the outfits were really simple and totally amazing for the Summer Time, also all the t-shirts in this post are from the mans collection because there is nothing like and oversized t-shirt in the Summer. 
For my first outfit I paired a pair of light denim shorts with the Lighting Bolt Jungle Tee and my Cheapo Sunglasses. Of course that underneath I had my bikini instead of regular underwear.
I loved the colors on the Jungle Tee, the pastel tones mixed with the grey gave this outfit a colorful vibe, specially if you have into consideration what I normally wear.

I got my hair done by Tânia Pessoa with the help of My Party Flowers.
If you have seen my latest Instagram posts you would know by know that I am totally in love with using flowers in my hair for the Summer (if someone had told me this 3 months ago I would laugh at them). I never thought that I would be this kind of person but I don't even know myself anymore. I've been flower free for a week and I totally feel like my hair looks awful (by the way there is a blog post about flowers and hairstyles coming up soon).

For my second outfit I was dying to get my hands on a few of the amazing Lighting Bolt bikinis but guess what?! They didn't produce them here in Portugal, so my new (and amazing) Tezenis high waisted bikini had to do the trick. 
I am in love with this bathing piece, the color and the parent really suit my stile and the details are super up my alley. I love to get bikinis that will give me uncommon tan lines and this one is totally one of those.
Also the quality on this is amazing specially for a piece that is super umexpensive. 

Something I feel like I need to clear out is that I've only had one surf lesson in my entire life. The board here is just to make me look like the cool kids that actually know how to surf.
In my opinion there is nothing more relaxing then watching the sun set by the sea. I love the sound of the waves hitting the sand while I watch the sun going down. For me is the perfect moment to meditate, refocus and calm myself down after a stressful week.

For my last outfit I just paired some grey acid wash denim ripped shorts with the Embroidered Bolt Tee. 
If you know me you know I love this light teal colour. It's one of my favourite colours to wear in the summer alongside some black and white and grey (I know my wardrobe is crazy colorful). 
I loves this one specially because of how simple it looked but still made me look super pulled together. 
I love how soft the Lighting Bolt t-shirts are, they are also super light weight which makes them perfect to wear in the summer. 
By the way: Be careful if you don't want to end up with a t-shirt mark tan like I have! 

Thanks once again to Marta and X-Tyle and to Paula from Lighting Bolt. They are amazing human beings and I love them to the moon and back 
What was your favorite look? 


  1. I love the bikini it looks super cute on you! It is so difficult to find nice swimwear that either isn't teeny tiny or a one-peice.

    1. Thank you sweetie!
      Yes I know, I've been really liking Tezenies for swim wear, Primark also has good options :)

  2. Oh my goodness! I'm in love with these pics! Your hair and swimming costumes look absolutely stunning! Xx

  3. I love the last look! You got some really great photos here! I wish I lived closer to a beach! x

    1. It's pretty great to live near the ocean. Thank you babe

  4. Your photos are amazing and I love your outfits!! I wish I lived by a beach:(

    Love, Melissa x

    1. Thank you sweetie I really worked hard on this post!

  5. Love all three outfits, but that bathing suit! I'm loving the floral printed bathing suits I've been seeing lately, they're so adorable!

    -Courtney (

    1. Yeah I know, this one just won my heart. I love the pin up vibe that the flowers in swim wear give!

  6. love your post and your outfits beautiful.
    chloe x