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WARNING: Before you read this post have yourself a read at the Bullet Journal website!

Bullet Journals a controversial topic. Some say that you need to be an artistic super hero kind of thing to start bullet journaling. I am here to tell you that is BS! ALL YOU NEED IS A PEN AND A NOTEBOOK! 
Obviously you can get as creative as you want but you can keep it simple and just use some basic materials.
I've been planing with the help of a BuJo for a few years but in the beginning of 2017 I made a commitment and I've been using my bullet more then ever.
Here is a list of my bullet essentials: 

                                                          -  Moleskine dotted notebook;
                                                           - Sharpie Stainless steel pen;
                                                           - Staples highlighters;
                                                            - Washi Tape (I normally get it from Tiger);

But why is a Bullet Journal the perfect planner?

This is a tool that most planners don't have. It might seem stupid at first but I go back to it every single day. It's also a great way to keep organized as the months go by.
You might want to get a numbered journal tho if you think that numbering the pages down yourself is something you don't want to do!

Another tool that might be weird to most people, but having a key is a super easy way to put things down as you go, you will know what each color or icon means and it will make your life supper easy in the future.

I love to fill me Bullet with quotes that inspire me and keep me going, thing I want to keep in my mind this month. This one "Strive for progress not perfection" is in the beginning of my BuJo because I am super perfectionist and I tent to give up on things when they are not perfect, something I didn't want to do with this journal. 

Monthly/Weekly/Daily log:
I have tried it all and I found out that the only log that I really use is the monthly log. I keep two monthly logs, one for events, tasks and to dos and another one for blog posts. I love them both and even tho I set it up in two different parts of the journal sometimes I wish they were together but it's fine either way. 
Once in a while I do a weekly log or a daily log if a week or day are specially busy. 
As I said there are no rights or wrongs when it comes to your bullet journal, you do what works best for you!

A place to keep track of things:
I keep a monthly habit and social media tracker. I also keep track of my shade in different foundations, places I want to visit, TV shows I watch, etc. 
I love using my bullet to keep track of my life and have a diary of things that I wouldn't normally keep track of. It makes me feel organized and good about myself. I also makes me feel like I've achieved something every day or that I am working in the right way to achieve a goal. Trackers are not an essential part about a BuJo but are something that I would really recommend.

Where I store my best memories:
Sometimes all we need is a place where we can put movie tickets from that movie we went to see or souvenirs from our weekend get away. 
This is probably one of my favourite spreads in my BuJo. Here I have a little text with a few Polaroids and a bunch of tickets from my trip to Porto in February. 
Even though I'm thinking about creating a travel diary I will always keep track of good memories in my Bullet so that I can look back at in one day and feel the joy I felt when I was in those places.
The fact that I can keep that in my everyday planner is absolutely amazing.

If you, just like many people, were looking for my thoughts on the Bullet Journal I hope this post was informative enough. I really recommend this organizational method. It works wonders at least for me. If you have any questions I will be more then glad t answer them.


  1. Yaaas! I love your spread with tickets & momentos that are special to you. I'm saving up some bits and bobs to create a similar page soon. And you're right! All you need is a pen to start!

    Becca x

  2. Yes, it's hard to start with just a pen now a days when keeping a BuJo is so trendy! Yes you should totally do it it's probably one of my favourite spreads!