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I know there were no posts last week but guys my first year of university is over, and with it the need to move away. I'm looking for a new room to rent meanwhile I am going back to my home today and I couldn't be happier about it. 
But today I am here to share with you all of my favourite products of May. 
May was quite a month. I got back into blogging and I couldn't be happier about it. I passed my theoretical driving test and I got the opportunity to challenge myself a lot more. This month will always stay as a great memory in my brain and that is something we should celebrate. 
PS:. All the pictures in this post ware taking on a rush between packing while moving so I'm sorry in advance about them not being the best ones so far. 

Canon 50mm lens: Since I got my Canon 700D I knew I wanted to get this lens (could I be a bigger blogger cliche) but when my friend Jael decided to sell hers I had the perfect opportunity to get mine. 
I can say that getting this lens was one of my biggest motivations to come back to the blogging world. I love the quality that this lens gives, the focus and how amazing this makes me look in ever picture (yeah I know, the lens must be a miracle  worker).
Anyway all I can say is that if you are a blogger or a youtuber this is totally the lens you should invest in. Also just by your lenses second handed, they are normally a lot cheaper and they are in great condition.

Bullet Journal: I can't remember my life prior to the whole BuJo. I started my first BuJo when I was on sophomore year of high school, but I had never sticked to one before I got the Moleskin dotted journal in January. 
This month I used my bullet like I never did before. I think that the main reason behind this is the fact that now I am blogging and using my BuJo to stay on track of everything I need to do.
Also if you are still trying to decide if you should try the method out, YES you should! 
There will be a post about my baby BuJo soon here on the blog.

Twitter: While I wasn't blogging I was talking to other blogger (I know I'm a pain in the ass Maria) and trying to figure out what was the right way to put the word out there about my blog. The Portuguese and the British blogoespehere work in completely different ways and the best way to put the word out there about a blog is for sure twitter (while in Portugal Facebook is the way to go).
I fell in love with this platform during this month. I started in the second half of the month and I already have 100 followers (I know it's not much but I'm just starting out).
I'm a twitter addict. I also got to know a bunch of other blogs and bloggers thanks to this social media platform and I couldn't do a favourites post without mentioning it. 

 Essence Master Precise Mascara: Would I even call myself a beauty blogger if I made a favourites post without any beauty bits? I know it's only one but I can say that at the moment I am loving all of my products and I do not feel the need to buy makeup (believe me I've left Sephora empty handed on various occasions). I did however ran out of my Lash Sensational Mascara from Maybelline and I had to literally run to the drugstore to get my hands on a new one. This promised length volume and definition (too much for a 3 euros product), but surprisingly it does what it said. 
The package looks awful at the moment, but that just illustrates how much I love the product (and it's cheap price). I don't think I wore any other mascara in May.
By the way if you guys have any good cruelty free mascaras please let me know because I'm trying to turn my collection 100% cruelty free.

Big Little Lies: If you know me, you know that I'm a little (not so little) bit obsessed with Nicole Kidman (believe me I actually thought about putting the Cannes Film Festival as a favourite just because she was the QUEEN of Cannes this year).
Anyway, being a huge Kidmatic I had to watch this TV show. The all cast in amazing and the plot is awesome (don't worry this post is totally spoiler free).
If you need something to binge watch this series is perfect. Specially during exam season because it has only seven episodes (and yes i did watch 5 of them in the same day).

So I guess that this is it when it comes to my may favourites, I would love to know what are your favourites form them past month! 

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