Beach bag essentials || Beauty Essentials

Today I share with you my go to beauty must haves to a pool/beach day...

The Summer is officially here, HURRAY! I don't know about you but I love to spend my summer by the pool or at the beach feeling the sun and getting a tan. But with all of that sunshine it comes a few essential products that I always care around with me in my beach bag, today I am going to share with you all of the products I religiously carry around in my beach bag. 

My number one essential is obviously sunscreen, I really like the Oriflame Sun Zone range and I swear by their face and body lotion with SPF 30. I know this might be a bit low but I always use a sun protector with a 30 SPF. I never got sun burned when using this range on SPF products, and I really recommend it. 

To go with the sunscreen another essential is a after sun. I swear by the Oriflame Sun Zone Intensive Balm. This is the most refreshing after sun I've ever used. It's also meant to use in the face which is a kind of product that I often struggle to find in the market. I really recommend this one. 

Another beach bag essential for me is a hand cream. Do you know that feeling when you let your hands dry after being in the water? Well I can't stand it! always carry a hand cream with me. It's probably my most essential product after the sunscreen of course.

I need to have my lips moisturized at all times. A product with SPF would be preferable but since I didn't have one my Hoola Lip Gloss had to do the trick. I really like this product specially in the summer. I really love me some glossy lips. It's also nice to have a few pick me up products if I need to get ready super quickly or something.

Last but not least I always carry a hair brush with me. I swear buy Wet Brushes, I have 3 of them in my house, plus one in Lisbon and one at my boyfriends. They are also really good for the beach bag to brush your hair once you get out of the water.

I really hope you guys liked this quick post. What are your essentials when it comes to going to the beach? 


  1. My beach bag must haves always include sunscreen and a good book for that lounging that we so love to do! X

    1. God a book is an absolute must have for me! I really love reading at the beach is super relaxing