5 things to keep in mind for the upcoming school year || Advice

 We associate certain month with certain things, for example, December is a synonym of Christmas and March of Spring. Following that logic, we should also associate September with Back to School... 

As I sit by my laptop writing this I try to ignore that in less than a month I will be sitting in a classroom, drowning in papers and things to study. However, this post isn't about the things that I hate related to back to school but the exact opposite. 
Going into my second year of University I think I've learned enough during my educational path to give you some advice to keep in mind regarding school and university.

1. It's okay to like school: I've loved school since I was a little girl, I love reading and writing and buying stationary, taking notes and learning new things, however, I felt ashamed of sharing this with other people (I know, I know, it's stupid). We all know that the cool kids don't give a sh*t about school and if you want to be one of the cool kids you must not care as well. I literally have no words to tell you how wrong this is. Think about people like Malala who literally risk their lives every single day for a chance to learn and you are embarrassed to say that you love doing that? Don't be. This year I had to change courses and I freaked out with the possibility of not being able to go back to University, it was something that really put things in perspective for me and made me realize how lucky I am to be able to learn every day. 

2. Always say yes to a challenge, you are investing in your future: We see school too often as something mandatory, but we forget that school (especially University) is an investment for our future.
We are learning skills every day that will help us get a job, regardless of the kind of job we get. Once school is mandatory and we often feel like we are only there because we are obliged to be we often don't take opportunities ending up losing a set of soft skills. 
When I was in my senior year of High School I was vice president of the student association and with that, I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I love planning events and being on top of things, I love doing business and managing people and it also gave me the #GIRLBOSS mentality that I have today. My best advice to you is that if you feel like you can earn something from it, embrace it without thinking twice.

3. The first person you see doesn't need to be your best friend: When starting a new semester in school we always feel the pressure to make new friends, I think we've all been there. I'm here to tell you that you don't need to become friends with the first person sitting beside you in your first class. I'm not saying that there is something wrong with becoming friends with that person but I can tell you from personal experience that I felt a lot of pressure to meet people during my first semester of Uni and I ended up not liking the people I've met and feeling behind when it comes to friendships. Now looking at the two or three colleagues that became amazing friends I feel stupid for being that way. When it comes to this topic my best tip is DON'T BE AFRAID TO PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE. It's easy for us to think bad things about ourselves or that no one will like us but I guarantee you that everyone feels like that sometimes and that you will find your people just don't put pressure on yourself to do it, human relationships don't have deadlines.

4. Don't be afraid of failing (the glass can be half full as well):  On the words of Winston Churchill "Sucess is not final,  failure is not fatal: is the courage to continue that counts.". During your academic life, you will experience failure. You won't get the mark you wanted on a paper or you will fail a test and you have to know how to deal with that. 
Last semester I got a 13 out of 20 on a subject I was sure I was going to get a 16 at least and it really made me sad at first, but then I thought about how much I had learned in those classes. How hard I worked for everything and instead of becoming sadder I realized. I did it, it was done! And God, did that subject change me as a person. It did, I feel like I grown so much in those classes and that it opened my eyes to a new perspective of seeing things. Also, I met one of my best friends in that same subject, which makes me wonder now, did I really fail at something? Or did I win something I wasn't expecting?

5. YOU GOT THIS!: Sometimes we all feel like we are not capable of doing better than what we did before. I'm here to tell you that you can do it! You got this! Sit down with an empty page in front of you and dream big, what are your goals for this school year? Be more organized? Get better grades? Get more involved in the school projects? Regardless of what it is, you should be looking at those goals as things that are absolutely going to happen. Stick them on a wall near your desk so that you can see them when you are studying late at night and always remind yourself that you can do better than you did in the past simply by working harder. I believe that the harder we work the greater will our opportunities be. Sucess attracts success and to create your own success is in your hands.

I hope you all like this post and I personally want to know what is your best back to school tip for the School Year that is about to begin. 


  1. I love the tips, so perfect to this time
    The photos are great too
    Sara Meireles