L'óreal First Impressions || Drugstore Week

The best way to kick start a week full of blog posts is a haul and first impressions post, isn't it?

The other day I went to the drugstore because I needed a new foundation and once I haven't gotten my favorite cushion in a long time I decided that a drugstore visit was due. When I got there L'óreal was buy one get one free. There were a few products from the brand that I really wanted to try and I end up getting the four products for only 35€ (instead of the 75€ that I would have normally paid).
Also, I promise that this was the first time I used the products, I just forgot to photograph them first, I hope you don't mind!

Infallible Total Converged Concealer Pallet: I've been on the market for a concealer pallet for a long time now, and this one has always been the one I had in mind. It comes with 5 creamy concealers/ correctors, a green, a purple, and three concealing shades. So far I've been liking this pallet a lot. I used the green to conceal blemishes and the purple to conceal marks and tone down my dark circles, then I applied the darkest concealer shade, also to tone down the under eyes and then after foundation I applied the lightest concealer shade as concealer. I normally would use a liquid concealer (which I still prefer) but I think that this one has done the job right.

Nude Magic Cushion Foundation: Ok! This is not a first impression, but I haven't worn this foundation in over a year and I got it on the buy 1 get one free deal. The Nude Magic is the only cushion foundation I've ever tried after my queen and guru Anna (from The Anna Edit) talked about it over and over again. I love this foundation for the Summer time due to is dueniess and light coverage. It lasts all day on my skin and I personally really like the combo of this foundation and the concealer pallet.  

Lip Paint Matte in 212 Nude-Ist: I had heard so many great things about these lipstick formulas that I knew I had to try them. I love the concept of liquid lipsticks but I hate the formula 99% of the time. I find it too drying on my already dry lips so this kind of lip mouse products are my favorite way to achieve a matte look.
I really love this formula even tho it didn't last ages on my lips I felt like it did a good 4hours without touching up. I really want to get my hands on a few more shades, especially because there are a few more nude shades on the market.

Baby Roll Mega Volume Mascara: This is another product that I've been wanting to try since it first came out. This mascara promises Mega Volume (because you couldn't read the name in the first place).  At first, I didn't like this mascara because I felt that my eyelashes were super clumpy (and your girl here loves her separated and defined lashes). But then when I used it a second time after letting the formula dry for a week I didn't feel the same. My lashes were separated but had more volume than ever. It really gives the Baby Doll effect, also it locks when closed so I feel like it's really sealed and air won't get into the formula which is an amazing thing if you are in the market for a new mascara from the drugstore I really have been enjoying this one.

And this is the final look I created with this products. I tried to keep everything else about the look minimal with only a tiny bit of bronzer in my eyelids, brows, and blush on my cheeks. I really hope you guys are excited about Drugstore Week and I also hope that you liked this post! I think I made great choices when buying this product from L'óreal and if you want an updated review follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@annesperks). 


  1. i want that baby doll mascara so bad! also love the look :)


    1. I'm loving it paired with the Essence Volume Extreme Mascara is my all time favourite!