Morning Skincare Routine || Drugstore Week

Having an affordable skin care routine is the college girl dream, today I share mine with you...

For today Drugstore Week post I'm gonna share my skincare routine that is exclusively from the drugstore. It's basically composed by five different products. I use a face wash, a toner, a lotion, an oil and a liquid solution. It might seem a lot for some and little for others, but it's my routine and it works well for me. 
But before I start getting into the products I really have to talk about my skin. I have dealt with acne in the past and I have taken medication for it. I've consulted various dermatologist but none had the effect/ efficiency that I hoped for so I basically gave up and started following my own path and getting more and more into what I put in my skin and its ingredients. it might not be the perfect 100% clear at the moment but I think I am on the right path. I decided to share this post but I first need to state that I am no skin expert, however, I've been more and more interested in what works for me personally and what doesn't. I really hope you like this post and if you have any questions or anything feel free to leave them in the comments and I am going to get back to everyone. 

So the first step after I wake up is to get my face wet with stone cold water to wake myself up (absolutely needed in a morning skincare routine). Then I've been using the L'óreal Pure Clay Detox Foaming Wash. I've been loving this face wash. It really makes my skin feel super cleaned and glowy. I think this is a great product, especially when you consider that it costs so little. If you check the ingredients you would find things like Moroccan Lava Clay (which has a lot of benefits to the skin like improving circulation or treating acne and it also has a lot of exfoliating particles), Salicylic Acid (which not only helps to treat acne but also helps to fade acne scars) and Citric Acid (which helps to treat uneven skin tone and to unclog the pores).

Step number two is a skin toner. Toners are a very important step in my skincare routine because they can help clean our skin from residues and also help us balancing the pH of the skin. My go to toner at the moment is the Cien toner from Lidl. I've been using it for a while now but since I started looking more into skin care and the ingredients that are in the products (something I should have started doing a long time ago) I really have been wanting to get a new one, so if you have any recommendations please let me know in the comment section.

Following the toner I use Tea Tree Oil, but only if I'm dealing with breakouts. Tea Tree Oil has been a skin care hero since I can remember. It helps me treat acne but it's also the only product I can use that helps with my mosquito bite allergy, whenever I get a mosquito bite I always clean it with Tea Tree Oil and it helps reduce the infection. If there is a skin product that I really recommend this one has to be it due to its many uses and benefits to my skin. 

Then I apply the Oriflame Optimals Balance Day Fluid for oily skins. It's very important to keep in mind that regardless of how oily your skin is it needs to be hydrated. One of the core ingredients of this product is Salicylic Acid (see above). I really like how my skin feels after applying it. If your skin is on a dryer side or if it's very sensitive I would really recommend the use of a face cream after applying the lotion, once I have a combination to oily skin I tend to use creams on my night skin care and leave the creams to use in the night time. 

The last product that I use in my morning (and night) routine is from The Ordinary and it's the Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG. This is the first product of this kind that I've ever tried and it's also the first product from the brand. This is an eye cream/ serum that reduces puffiness and the darkness of the dark circles. I really have a fresh and awakanning feeling when I use this product, I feel like i just passed a ice cube under my eye baisicly. I think this is a really good brand to try from the drugstore and I couldn't recomend this specific product more. Also their website has a lot of information and it's great if you are starting (like me) to be more interested in skin care and it's compunentes.  
Also if you don't know how to find the best eye cream for you, I found the perfect article to help you out online and I couldn't not share it with you guys!

Et voilà! This is what I do every morning in order to keep my skin clean and taken care of! I really hope you guys liked this post. I hope you are enjoying drugstore week so far and as you know we will have a new post tomorrow at 6PM!


  1. Tea tree oil is great for me too when I get pimples. I have seen L'óreal Pure Clay Detox Foaming Wash before at the shop, but never got it. Not sure why when it always seemed appealing to me. I think I should make the move and get it next time I'm at the shop :)

    1. Yes darling, you should!
      It's totally an amazing product and super inexpensive! I really recommend it :)

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