The Azores in three outfits || Fashion

Last month I went to the Azores with João for a much-needed vacation. We stayed in the lovely island of São Miguel for a week and I might do a travel guide to the Azores later, but for this post, I decided to share with you three of the outfits I wore while I was there. I hope you like it.

When it comes to packing a carry-on for a week-long vacation I have a few tips I would like to share before I share my outfits:

1. Always go for comfortable shoes, leave the hills at home, you won't need them;
2. Go for versatile pieces that you can either use for a day visiting and walking around the city or for a night out.
3. Travel with clothes you normally would wear and that you feel good in, if you don't try it at home, you won't try it abroad 

For my first day there I spent the day walking around Ponta Delgada and visited Lagoa do Fogo. I needed an outfit that was not only very comfortable but also that I could wear with a bikini underneath. For that, I went for a pair of super simple jean shorts and a cute floral cropped top from Origama. I added my super comfortable sandals from Primark and a pair of sunglasses. Also in the Azores, the weather is very inconsistent so I would always carry a jacket with me. The one I chose to take was a fake leather bomber jacket from Zara.
This outfit is super comfortable and very summer time and vacations appropriate. I love it. Besides that, I think this is the kind of look that suits with the island perfectly due to is nature theme and green tones.

This outfit was another easy choice. I love to take dresses on vacation with me in the summertime, they don't take up a lot of space in my luggage and they always make me feel good and look put together. I decided to pack along this beautiful green dress because it's an easy piece to either dress up or dress down and it will fit perfectly in any occasion.
For shoes, I picked the most comfortable pair of shoes I owned a pair of sandals that I got one year ago from Aldo that I absolutely love.
To accessorize the look I went for my Cheapo sunglasses and my Nixon watch. As a coat, I went for my Zara bomber once again.

Last but not least I'm gonna talk you through one of the last outfits I wore. This outfit is something that I like to call my daily uniform. I tend to go for this kind of look more or less on the daily basses and taking these pieces with me was an absolute no-brainer. 
I paired a simple white t-shirt from Zara and a pair of mum jeans that are plain and simple.
My pair of Toms were my shoe of choice and I couldn't be happier about that. I love how comfortable they are which is my number one essential characteristic when it comes to picking a pair of shoes to pack when going on vacation.
Once again I went for my Zara bomber and my Nixon watch, for this outfit I stole my boyfriends Ray-Bans because they fit really nicely with this outfit.

I really hope you liked this post. 
What was your favourite outfit?


  1. Tenho muita vontade de conhecer os Açores! É daquelas viagens que pretendo fazer num futuro próximo! As fotos ficaram muito bonitas, excelentes looks =)


    1. É um sitio fantástico, esta foi a segunda vez que lá fui e já sei quando vou voltar! Vale muito a pena!
      Obrigada pelo comentário linda,

  2. Que fotos lindas ! Adorei todos os outfits!
    Sara Meireles

    1. Os açores devem ser o sitio mais insta frendly onde já estive!
      Obrigada babe!

  3. que fotos lindas! adorava visitar os açores :)

  4. É sem dúvida uma viagem que vale muito a pena mesmo!