An unexpected reflection... What has really been going on

Hey guys, long time no see. I know. I've had a lot on my mind. University has been insane lately and I am over floating with work, at the same time I had a few technical issues regarding my blog domain and for that reason, the blog has been down since the second week of October. Gladly I managed to sort everything out and I am now back for a very exciting month.

First things first I want to announce that I will launch my youtube channel this month (actually tomorrow) and it would mean the world to me if you could all go there and subscribe to it. I am really trying to get back on track with everything.

While the blog was down I had a long time to think about all my goals and find the right formula to do things from now on. My blog is officially one year old (a lot more, but I only bought the domain last year so let's count from there) and it hasn't been easy but I feel like I am finally putting content out there that I am passionate about and that's what is most important.

By the way, this post was supposed to be a University Makeup Collection and Storage, but as this "intro" keeps getting longer and longer I realize that I have so much that I want to share with you guys that are far more important and more me than makeup that this just became its own post.

I've been buying a lot of makeup just for the sake of buying but as I keep buying things I realize that the happiness that they provide me last about five minutes. My passion for makeup isn't just for makeup for the sake of makeup, it's also for sharing it on my blog. I've been blogging since I can remember either in Portuguese or in English and I've lost already a lot of what used to feel like me since August, this break made me realize I don't want to lose this. Blogging is about one of the only things that bring me a sense of joy that no other can compare.

I kept finding excuses. I kept thinking, it's too late to start now (when all my favorite bloggers started after I did),  it's impossible to make it when you are from Portugal (it isn't, and for this I just want to thank Raquel Mendes, she is on youtube and also runs a blog, she is amazing and works hard. She just recently did a campaign with Look Fantastic, yes that Look Fantastic, and above all, she proved me that I can make it too), You can't make blogging a career now because you are almost 20 and you don't have your own audience figured out, (I'm in university and I won't start working on my "real" career for another couple of years, I am not too late, I am actually too soon. I just have to start now!).

During my break, I abolished those badly done excuses out of my vocabulary and while I realize that this post is more of a personal reflection that I want to go back to whenever I feel like how I felt during this past year I believe that it can also help a lot of people by reading this. Even if I only reach one other blogger I will be more then happy to have helped someone else.

Writing this has been therapeutical in a way, this is why blogging makes me so happy because as I press the keys on my keyboard I feel the weight going off my shoulders, I feel happier and lighter.

I just want to finish this by saying that if you love to do something, you should stick to it. No successful person that you look up to had it easy, and if you are struggling it might just mean that you are going in the right direction. Self-doubt and fear are human and it's also completely normal, so don't be afraid of it and conquer it, don't let it conquer you.

So future me, or anyone else that is reading this, promise the girl full of hopes and dreams that is sitting behind this computer that you won't give up on yourself!

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