Balmain X L'oréal || Makeup

Balmain is a brand that I've always loved. The sexiness and the edgy side of the brand made then one of my favorite designer brands out there. When I eared that they were partnering with L'oréal for a lipstick limited edition collection I couldn't even breath (also all the shades fit perfectly in my shade range which made the choice harder than ever).
The collection just launched in Portugal and it has 12 different shades of the Color Riche Matte Lipstick, that aim to the type of girl that loves Balmain, strong and bold independent women, basically the definition of a #GIRLBOSS!

Picking only two lipsticks to bring home with me was quite a challenge, but the price on this lipsticks is not that nice for a drugstore lipstick, they sell for 17,55€ which are only 2,50€ cheaper than buying a MAC lipstick, however taking into consideration that they have Balmain attached to them is quite a reasonable price. Also, the formula of the lipsticks totally justifies the price, I might risk saying that I like this formula as much as I like the MAC Matte Lipsticks formula.
The packaging is also very sturdy and great quality, the gold metal details screams Balmain to me and the bold colors of the packaging make me feel even bolder when applying a vivid purple lipstick which is quite an achievement!

The first shade I got was the shade Glamzone, which is greyish nude color. This type of color has been one of my favorites to wear during the Fall time and it was a no-brainer when it came to picking the "nude" shade I was going to bring home with me. I love that the formula is creamy enough to last around 5hours without me feeling the need to reapply it, which for a creamy matte formula from the drugstore is quite an achievement. 

The other shade I had to get my hands on was Freedom. If you follow my blog for more then a month you would know that I have quite a thing for purple lipsticks. I love every variation of purple lipstick and I find it to be as wearable as a nude. I like to say that purple lipstick is as basic for me as concealer or mascara and it totally defines my bolder style in the makeup world.
This shade is the perfect cold months purple shade, being quite a bold and rich shade with a bluish undertone. I couldn't recommend this shade more and in my opinion, if you are buying only one lipstick out of the collection this one should be it. I think that purple lipstick can be quite a fun way to get into bolder lip colors without going for greens or blues (which might be where my next adventure is taking me).  

Overall I think that this collaboration between L'óreal and Balmain is one of the best collaborations in the beauty world done in the last few years. Also, I really think that L'óreal might be doing the makeup for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show because there will be a Balmain collaboration in it and if that happens I will be beyond happy. I feel really luxurious and fancy when  I apply my BalmainXL'oréal lipstick and it feels great to have a little something that allows me to get a bit into Oliver's and Balmain world.


  1. It’s definitely a brave collaboration, the colours aren’t the sort to look good on everyone but you’ve pulled them off well!


    1. Yeah I know, it's bold. It's such a #GirlBoss Collection, you need to be bold and take risks to wear it (even tho there are a few more wearable shades in the collection).
      Thank you for your kind comment sweetie