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Sometimes I really really wish I could be one of those girls whose makeup fits all in a small bag. I've always wondered how they do it, how can you fit pallets, and foundations, and mascaras, and different shades of every single product plus ten thousand brushes in a small bag. Well, you can't.
I believe that when you are addicted to makeup, the second step is developing an addiction for places to store your makeup. You spend hours (or days) on youtube watching makeup collection videos and that makes you not only wanting to buy more makeup but also wanting to have your makeup stored in a place that enhances her beauty. 
Before moving to Lisbon and knowing I would have to store all my makeup in a room with pretty much nonexisting storage I decided to invest on a Muji Acrylic Box - 5 Drawers. 
At the time I had to leave a lot of makeup at home, but after then realizing I really didn't need it I ended up donating a lot of things to friends and family and for almost and year my whole makeup collection fitted in those drawers. Of course that by now I have a lot more makeup then that and I am starting to think about getting another set of Muji Drawers... 

I love the way my makeup looks in the acrylic storage because it, not only,  allows me to see everything, but also, makes it look super pretty and Instagram worthy. 
To store my brushes I ended up buying a plant pot from Ikea (it's called SKURAR if anyone is interested). I have yet to fill it up with coffee beans but it holds every single makeup brush I own. 
I always like to use cups or mugs from my brushes but I would need at least two to fit every makeup brush I own (and I'm being optimistical). So this plant pot was my choice because it fits every single brush I own due to its large diameter. Also, it has a super adorable design.

Then, last, but not least, I use this box that came with a mug from Primark that I got last year to put not only items that, due to their sizes, don't fit in the drawers but also products that due to the fact that I own too much makeup, also don't fit in the drawers (aka the reason why I am still considering to buy a new set of very expensive Muji drawers). 
The box, which is full of sprays, foundation bottles, liquid highlighters and different kinds of powders, is a little marble and rose gold box that I just couldn't throw away because of its aesthetically pleasing looks. 
I used to use it only for extra school supplies but when moving to this new apartment it became obvious that I had to put it on display with my makeup, that stopped fitting inside the Muji Box overnight. 

Even though I know this system is working really well for me at the moment, I also know that with time, and as my collection grows bigger and bigger every day (and my wallet thinner). I will need to get a better way to store all my products so any ideas you may have are welcomed!

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