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I asked you on an Instagram Poll if you guys would like to read a review on this little product that I've been using for my eyebrows lately and once the majority said yes, here we are. Today I am going to talk about the new brow product from Maybelline the Tatoo Brow. The name itself might sound intimidating but after watching Stephanie review on it I was pretty sure I had to try it out. Think about it. The idea of having something that gives your brows the microlending effect without needing through the process sounds not only promising but also intimidating in a way. 

 When I first opened the product I was scared of using it.  I got the lightest shade, light brown, and it still looked far too dark for my brows and you don't want to go around for 3 days with brows that don't match the rest of your face. But I did it, you know, for the sake of blogging and reviewing purposes (and this might be the reason why we beauty bloggers are crazy, the crazier the product seams the more excited about trying it we get!), and I must say I do not regret my choices! This is probably the best brow product I have ever tried, especially for girls like me that are always running late. 

The process is easy. You start by painting your brows with the little brush and believe me don't be shy, really paint them, so that they hold the shape that you want them to have. Then you just have to wait for the product to dry. You can leave it for as little as 20 minutes but I personally think it works best when you leave it for at least one or two hours, and that is why I always do this at night time so that I am not in a hurry to leave the house or anything. It's important to keep in mind that the longer the product stays in your brows, the longer will the effect last. If you do it only for 20 minutes it won't last the 3 days that are claimed in the package, but if you leave it set for a couple of hours I can guarantee you that it will.

Once the product has dried down you need to remove it. My first tip is that is completely pointless to try to remove it with your hands because even though you might be able to take quite a bit of it won't all come out and you will end up with very weird looking brows and we don't want that, do we? So my best advice when it comes to removing this product is to use a spoolie brush to get it all out. Et voilá you are left with perfectly filled and natural looking eyebrows, which I must say is the dream. 
And they will stay this way for 3 whole days, which means that for 3 days you won't have to waste any time in your brows while doing your makeup which I must say is totally up my alley.
So would I recommend this product? 100% YES! For me is the greatest invention when it comes to brow products that there was. I couldn't possibly recommend it more.


  1. Ooh great pictures, this is impressive! Love how natural it looks as well, was worried this tattoo brows would give you that weird dark, unnatural brow that some peel off brow products can sometimes give you but this looks really good. Thank you for sharing xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  2. Thank you lovely, I know right?! It looks super natural and it's still going strong the day after you've done it! For a drugstore product I think it's one of the best brow products out there for sure!

  3. whats a spoolie brush? i totally need to try this out!!

    1. It's like those brushes that you use to brush your brows, similar to a mascara tip! Yes you do! It's the best thing ever!

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