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Back in June, I've done a post about the whole Bullet Journal thing, and once that is still to date one of my most read posts, I decided to share a bit more about my BuJo today. I'm going to focus on the spreads I've designed for the month of November and share with you a more specific post, that is focused only on one month instead of the whole journal. 

Once I didn't set up a Future Log at the beginning of the year (something that for sure will change in my 2018 BuJo) I always use my laptop calendar app to plan events and mark important date ahead, so when it comes to setting up a month the first thing that I do is opening my calendar so that I can see everything that has to be added to my monthly log, which is still the only one I use. 

One of the first things I do is set up my monthly header, and once I can't draw basically anything I always go for the same kind of calligraphy. Something that changed, however, is the fact that since October I am only using one color per month which makes it a lot easier and in my opinion, a lot prettier as well. One of my most recent investments for my Bullet, and also for my school was the full set of the Stabilo Boss Pastel Highlighter and I couldn't be happier with them. All the colors look so cute and beautiful and I can't wait to use them more and more.

Another little thing that changed was my blogging planning setup. I now do it all together with my monthly log because I find it easier to keep track of things, also once I launched on youtube it's a great thing I did this because now I can finally be on track of what I have to plan (getting a separate notebook for blogging to do's really helped  as well, but that can be another post on its own). I really think that keeping this log on the same page as my monthly log it helps when it comes to deciding what content to put up on each day, for exemple if I have an extra busy week with school I won't  be doing really complex posts or posts that require specific kinds of pictures. It also helps when it comes to deciding what I need to do in advance. 

Last but not least, and because I'm a university student, I decided to create a mid-term studying schedule in which I plan what hours of my day should I spend studying outside classes. This as also helped me manage my time to blogging. Another thing I added to this page was a quote so that every time I open this page I feel motivated to stick to this schedule, instead of procrastinating like I do most days. 

And this is it guys, this is my favorite spreads for the month of November. I really am happy with the color scheme and with all my supplies. 
Once again if you want a deeper knowledge into my BuJo feel free to read the post in which I explain why this is the best organization system out there I really couldn't recommend it more. 


  1. Love seeing your bullet journal! I'm getting back into mine after falling out of love with it for a little while. Think I made things over complicated but am getting back on track now. Looking forward to seeing December's spreads!


    1. I'm not sure I will post my December Spreads but I will for sure make a post with everything I got in my new one in January. Glad you liked my post sweetie!