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When it comes to resolutions I take birthdays a little bit more seriously than the New Year, this, however, doesn't mean that I won't post my 2018 resolutions here on the blog. I just feel like there are always things that we want to achieve before being a certain age. I always like to set resolutions in the beginning of the year and then to set a list of things I really want to achieve right after my birthday (probably before because I am a planner freak you know...). So this year and turning 20 made it no different. I think I compiled a list of a few thing I really want to try and do or goals I just want to achieve. 

- GET A TATTOO: This is something I've been wanting to do forever. I know what I want to tattoo and it sure will have a lot of meaning to myself. I love the idea of tattoos of getting something engraved in your body so that will stay with you forever. Something that represents your past, your future, your achievements and where you re in life. I believe that our skin tells a story and if we can take that furder than some scars I think we should. 

- GET MY DRIVERS LICENSE: Don't even let me get started on this one. Basically, I've been battling with this since 2015 and this year I'm gonna get it done. 

- TRAVEL ABROAD MORE THEN ONCE: I love to travel, I truly believe that it's money that. we spend that makes us richer in every meaning of the word. There are a lot of countries that I want to visit and I think that going on a trip twice during 365 days it's totally achievable. 

- GO SOMEWHERE IN PORTUGAL WHERE I HAVEN'T BEEN: Following that logic I also want to get my country a lot better. I've visited quite a few places, but there are still so many that I haven't visited. I want to go to GerĂªs, Coimbra and a few places in Costa Vicentina. I'm happy because last year I visited Porto, GuimarĂ£es and a few other places for the first time and I feel like we should all make an effort to get to know our own countries better.

- START A TRAVELING JOURNAL: With all the travel I have planned, I feel like starting a travel journal would be amazing. I want to start a little book in which I can track all of the places I've visited in my 20s. I normally keep these things in my Bullet Journal, but I really want to star a notepad totally dedicated to all the places I have visited. 

- STOP BITING MY NAILS: This one is also pretty self-explanatory. I've been bitting my nails ever since I can remember and even though I've been a lot better when it comes to having my nails done and looking nice. I always go back to bitting them. This is the year I'm going to stop doing so (also by sharing it online it's kind of like making a commitment to you).
- IMPROVE MY PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS: I'm not sure how I'm going to do this, but I really want to take better pictures for my blog and Instagram. Even though I feel like I've been getting better and better I really want to get some technical knowledge and maybe do a photography course. 

Outfit: Shoes: Vans; Jeans: Pull&Bear; Shit: Bershka; Jacket: Zara; Bag: Primark;


  1. You look so good here! Love all your goals! I have so many tattoos planned for the next year so I need to hurry up and get them :) Isn't it crazy how people rarely travel their own country. Now I live away from England I am so desperate to go back on vacation and travel around to see what I have missed. x

    1. I'm so excited and scared at the same time about getting my first one. Yes it's crazy that we forget about how beautiful our own country is. I can't wait to travel this year I already have 2 trips planed one in Portugal and one to Spain

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