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Oh November, my wallet is crying even though you have been a great one, my makeup collection sized up quite a bit. I hadn't bought this much makeup in quite some time (and let's all ignore the MAC gift card I have yet to use before Christmas).
Well, I blame Black Friday for a few of this things, and others were gifts so I think it's justifiable. But no one that owns more than 5 makeup items should buy this much in a month. Even though as bloggers can actually justify it by saying that it's "blog work" or "research" (9 out of 10 times it's just our makeup ever growing obsession, but hey I don't smoke so I think it's fine, or at least this is what I try to convince my mother of).  

So first things first, and this month I bought 4 new lipsticks (because how can one live with only 30 different ones). I got the Balmain X L'orĂ©al lipsticks that got to Portugal at the beginning of the month. A few month ago I had decided that I would only buy lipsticks in sets of two (or more) so that I could really try the formula in different shades. This time I got a nude (in the shade Glamzone) and a purple (in the shade Freedom). I must say that this is one of my favorite matte lipstick formulas from the drugstore, it resembles the MAC matte formula a lot (and the price here is almost identical), at least in my opinion (full review here).
The other formula I am kind of testing this month is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream formula, after hearing so many amazing things about this lipsticks I decided to give them a proper try. I must confess that my friend used to own one of the darker shades and I used to use hers all the time, but then I stopped and once NYX had a deal on Black Friday I decided to try them out, so far I really like them but if you want to hear more about them later this month a review will be going up. If you are wondering the shades I got where Stockholm (because would I even be a blogger if I didn't) and Budapest.  

When it comes to pallets if you buy me one I am happy. I think that they are the most aesthetically pleasing makeup item to look at. The colors are always looking like a match made in heaven and it's just so pretty to look at, I love it. Even my boyfriend says that he gets a sense of harmony when he looks at a pallet. Maybe that is why he got me the Urban Decay Naked Heat for my birthday (girls that's how you know if he is a keeper). This pallet is any warm shadow lover wet dream, it has a shadow to every look when it comes to red and ashy tons and I love it. I've been using it non-stop since my birthday and of course, there will be a review coming soon! 
For my birthday, his parents got me a Sephora Gift Card (yup a present doesn't get much better than that) and with the gift card I decided to buy my first ever makeup item from Kat Von D Beauty, I bought the Shade and Light Pallet. It was about time my Makeup Revolution Pallet was put to sleep and I can't think of a better replacement for it. I am in love with the packaging and with all the contour shadows and the pallet looks amazing and I can't wait to use it more and more when I do you will be presented with a review for sure!

Another thing that I will never understand (but thank god for it) is the fact that during the month of your birthday all the makeup stores you normally got to decide to offer you around 10€ in store credit which as always allowed me to try a few new cheaper products. This month I finally got my hands on the Bourjois CC Cream (every youtuber that I follow loves it and I've been trying to get it for a while now), so far so good. I like the light coverage and I like the way it feels on my skin but I haven't worn it enough times to have a full opinion on it yet. 
During the Black Friday deal at NYX I also got the HD Studio Photogenic Concealer and the NYX Precision Brow Pencil. Both these products were bought out of necessity and I must say that so far I really like both of them. The concealer has enough coverage to look great on top of any foundation and the brow pencil is super small and precise, which I personally think it's a great feature in it. 

Last but not least I got too little skincare items. The first one (and the most boring thing in this post) is the Cherry Blossom Hand Cream from Tiger. I got it because it was really cheap and your girl here has the most dehydrated hands in the world during the winter time, so it's kind of mandatory to carry a hand lotion around in my purse at all times. 
Then last but not least I got the Benefit Tonique Lotion 50% off during Black Friday. I am loving this product, I really feel like it gives a layer of hydration to my skin before I apply my face moisturizer. I really am liking it so far. Also, I always apply it to my face directly with my hands instead of using a cotton pad (like they say on the packaging) I tried it both ways and I personly prefer using my hands because I feel like I can do a better job rubbing it into my skin and it doesn't feel like I am wasting any product which is always a plus. So far I'm really enjoying this product and I really want to explore the skincare range from Benefit in 2018.

And that is everything that I bought this month guys, what was the beauty item that you bought this month that you are the most excited about? 

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