Urban Decay Naked Heat|| Makeup

If you ask any makeup addict what is the product they associate more with being a makeup addict I think most will answer any of the Naked pallets by Urban Decay. I personally never really got on board with the tendency. I own the Naked Basics Pallet and I like it quite a bit, but in my opinion, Too Faced eyeshadows (which are a bit cheaper) are more pigmented.  
However when I say that Urban Decay had launched a warm tone eyeshadow pallet my heart stopped. I mean, once you go warm there is no coming back. My boyfriend surprised me with this beauty for my birthday. I really wanted it for a long time (since it came out back in July) but I kept thinking if I could justify spending almost 60€ on a pallet when I own a lot of warm tone shadows already. Well, now that I have it I must say yes I did, and if I already own a lot of warm tones it's because those are the ones I gravitate towards the most, so if I buy more I know for sure that I will use them.

The Packaging: I personally really like the package, it makes it look (as my boyfriend put it when justifying why he picked this one, aesthetically pleasing, yeah he really said that). It is a bit bulky and maybe if I'm going to be traveling abroad I will bring a Zoeva pallet instead, however. I like that it's built off a strong acrylic material that is sturdy and that doesn't feel like it's going to break if I accidentally drop it (which knowing me probably will happen eventually). Also, I like that it has a magnetic lock, I don't know what is it about the magnet in pallets but it really pleases me to open pallets who have them. 
The pallet comes with a brush (who isn't that bad itself) and a huge mirror which is always a plus.
Each shadow has 1.3g which is almost as much of what it is in a MAC single shadow. 


I feel like I'm a bit turned off by a pallet these days if I can't build a full look while using only the pallet, and however, I like to mix this beauty with a few single shadows I own or with some cooler tones once in a while I mostly use it on it's own, the pallet has 12 shades that all go really well with each other, I think that Ounce and Chasser are the shades that make this pallet perfect to built the most various looks due to them being on the nude side of the spectrum. 
I also love how powerful the names of this shadows are, they really make me feel like a #GirlBoss when I use them.
Ounce: A shimmery pearly with that I find perfect to highlight the inner corner or the brow bone. It also looks good as an all over the lid shade in a smokey eye.
Chasser: A matte nude that is the perfect transition shade. Also if you are going for a no-makeup makeup look just use it all over the lid and it will look perfect. 
Sauced:  A matte warm brown a bit on the orange side, this is another color I personally love to use in my crease or all over the lid when I just cant' be bothered 
Low Blow: A matte light brown shade, this is probably my favorite shadow in the pallet. I reach for it almost every day and I really like it. Due to my laziness, I used it normally all over the lid on its own but it's also a really good crease shade for most looks. 
Lumber: A shimmer duo chrome rose gold, I love rose gold but I never thought I would be the kind of gal to be in love with a rose gold eyeshadow. Boy, was I wrong. On the rare occasions that I go for a more elaborated look this is the shadow I've been using all over the lid to give my eye a shimmery pop and I love it.
He Devil: A matte red color. I like this shadow a lot as well, I think it's a bit riskier than my everyday look but it the lower lash line looks really cool also I don't think I own any shade like it which is awesome.
Dirty Talk: A metallic red. Again this is a color I never thought it would be my cup of tea but it is. I use it most all over the lid on darker makeup looks, it goes really well with Embre in my opinion. 
Scorched: A metallic pinky red. For me, this shadow is just a simple mix of Lumber and Dirty Talk and I don't fancy it much. 
Cayenne: A matte darker warm brown. I love this shade, this is the shade every pallet needs so that it makes the looks easier to build up those Friday Night looks. I love to blend it in the crease. 
En Fuego: A dark mate burgundy color. This is also really different from everything that I own. I use it especially on the outer corner of my eye.  
Ashes: A matte dark brown/purple wine. I think this shadow lacks pigmentation and it's a bit too powdery when you compare it to others. I can work with it with a pencil brush for little details also I like this type of color to smoke my lash line.
Embre: A shimmer dark purple and pink duo chrome. I really like this shadow, even though I think I can't do it justice due to my lack of makeup artist skill. However, I think this shadow is going to look great in the festive season in a few bolder looks I have planned. 

So this was the look I created using as many shadows as I could (without making it look like I had a pink eye or something). I think this makeup turned out really well and I am really happy with the pallet. I think that maybe this isn't the ideal pallet if you don't have a lot of experience with eyeshadow and I wouldn't recommend it to be anyone's first pallet, for that I think maybe Naked I or Naked II are the ideal choices, but if you are looking for something to spice up your makeup game that you can use for amazing looks both in the colder and the warmer months this will fit your measurements perfectly and I honestly couldn't recommend it more. 

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