3 Bloggers to star following in 2018 || Blogger Tips

Today I decided to share with you 3 bloggers with whom I fell in love in 2017 and that made me fall in love with blogging again. I started following them kind of on the daily basses when I relaunched my blog back in May. I've talked to them on twitter and they are all super lovely and at the same time, they manage to keep it real on their insta stories and their other social media platforms.

Maria J Blogs: Maria is the nicest girl out there. She was the one who helped me star my twitter account and she is also always ready to help me out and truly a DM away. As a blogger her content is amazing, she takes the most amazing photos to illustrate her posts and at the same time writes in such a way that keeps everyone craving for more. She is definitely an inspiration to any newer blogger and mark my words, this girl will be as big as Zoella one day!

Loula Belle Rose: Lauren is the coolest! Her photography is amazing and she is a total  #GirlBoss! Even though blog isn’t her only job she works her ass off and she posts all the time! Her posts are always fun to read and really chill. If you like bloggers that can pass the whole best friends talk vibes when they write, my girl Lauren is the one to follow.

Beth Sandland Xo: Beth has the most aesthetically pleasing blog I've ever seen. Her photography skills are amazing. This may sound crazy once you check her out but she has only been blogging for one year, which is really hard to believe once you see how amazingly planned, photographed and written all of her content is. She is, in my humble opinion the queen of blog tips, and the fact that she has 25K Instagram followers and 2.5K Twitter ones after only one year of blogging should mean something. 

What are the best bloggers you followed in the past year? Am I missing out on anyone? 


  1. Ah I really like seeing bloggers sharing the bloggers that they enjoy reading! Its so nice to see all the support online! :)

    Layla xx


  2. I totally agree and I can't wait to start following some new girls in 2018!

  3. I really enjoyed reading nice. Totally checking these bloggers out.