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So I started watching Friends (please no spoilers) and I basically log off the internet for the whole last weeks of January. I feel a bit awful but I'm on winter break so I allowed myself to binge watch for a few days. Meanwhile, I also got back to working out, I'm doing gymnastics again, something I haven't done in six years and believe me when I say that I still got it. Anyways, enough with the updates and all, today I thought about sharing with you one of my last beauty discovers I made in 2017. I'm gonna share with you my Lash Paradise (or Paradise Extatic if you are in Europe) review. 

So this mascara is the perfect dupe to the Too Faced Better Than Sex. The brush is pretty much the same, it's hourglass form gives the lashes length, curve, but above all, volume. My lashes had never had more volume. I must say that I personally like this one more than the Too Faced one, once I feel like the formula on the Paradise Extatic is less clumpy than the formula on the Better Than Sex. I must stay that when I got this mascara I already had my expectation pretty high because every single soul on youtube kept recommending it, and I am happy to say that I don't feel disappointed. 
However, I must say that if you are looking for a mascara that will give you separation to the lashes this one might not be the one for you, once my lashes always look a bit clumpy after I use it (in a good way).

I would recommend that you applied at least two coats of this (and any other) mascara so that you can obtain the best results. Two does the charm for me with this one,  I feel like less than that only works in the bottom lashes and more than that kind of glues the lashes together. 
Whenever I use this product I normally get compliments on my lashes or people asking me if I got lash extensions which let's face it I think is the absolute best compliment a mascara can get. 
If you are not sold yet I think that the pictures speak for themselves! I really think this is one of the best options when it comes to mascaras from the drugstore and it totally gets my seal of approval!

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