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HAPPY NEW YEAR! This year one of my resolutions was to get more organized when it came to the blog, for that I can always count on my Bullet Journal! Once my previous BuJo posts did really well here on the blog, I decided that this year I am going to share more of my Bullet. I already have a post planned in which I'm going to share all the collections I've put up and share my thoughts on the official Bullet Journal Notebook, but in this post I just want to share my doodles (yes I doodle something for the first time in my life and I am more them proud!) and what the theme of my January 2018 spreads!
Btw if you don't know anything about bullet journals what so ever, you must check my first post on this subject! (you will also be able to have a look at my 2017 BuJo).

So as I said before, the notebook I am using this month is the Leuchtturm1917 Official Bullet Journal Notebook. This wasn't  planned, but when I was shopping for some Christmas presents and I found this precious little thing there. I must say I didn't even know they soled this in store in Portugal, and I had really low hopes of ever getting the official thing but I did and I still can't believe it! I love how the pages are numbered and how the BuJo system is already predefined, ending up saving me a long time when I was setting up the pages (but that is subject to my next Bullet Journal post). 
The pens I've been using are the Zig Art and Graphic Twin pens. I own 3 colors of this pens and at the moment I think they are enough, they are not the best to do calligraphy with but they are really nice to draw, paint and write with once they have not only a brush tip but also a regular felt tip.

January 2018 will mark the year I tried drawing in my Bullet for the first time. Drawing has always been something I love to do but something I am terrible at, at the same time. I never thought that I would adventure myself into drawing something (regardless of how simple it seamed in something that I am as perfectionist with as my Bullet Journal). I am so glad I did. Even though the drawing I created was totally inspired by the Bullet Journal Queen Amanda RachLee  December spreads I still had the balls to do it myself and to draw something I can actually say I am proud of. 
With this, I want to leave you my first piece of advice of the year: If you want to try something, just do it, instead of being afraid of failing and too scared to even try. Challenge yourself.

All my other spreads of the month remain the same. I am doing a monthly tracker in which I am going to write down all of the events that are happening in the month.
I'm going to keep tracking my habits in my Habit Tracker. You can use this to track anything, from reading a book to post on social media. I personally prefer to use my habit tracker in order to track healthy habits and if I want to track social media (which I might start doing, even though I am not sure yet) I will create something similar but focused only on the number of posts I do in a month and how many Instagrams I put up.
To track my expenses I did an Expense Tracker, the only little thing that changed is that I decided to use the top of the page to do a little budget but as the year goes I hope I can find a few more elaborate spreads when it comes to tracking money. 

Another of my new year resolutions was to be more organized when it came to the blog (and no, I am not doing a post on my resolutions because I did a post on things I want to achieve before turning 21 last month). To achieve my goal I knew I had to be able to plan ahead. I'm proud to announce that January 2018 marks the first month in my history as I blogger in which I have managed to plan a whole month worth of blog posts ahead of time, I hope this will guarantee that we will have new and fresh content up every Monday-Wednesday-Friday by 9AM GMT!

Basically, these are all the changes I made in my new Bullet Journal. I must say that I am very proud of this one is turning out. I love how organized I feel and if you decided to use this post as inspiration feel free to send me pictures on Twitter or Instagram @annesperks.


  1. Ahh this comes at the most perfect time! Thanks girl!

    xx Lisa |

  2. Anne, I’ve never done a bullet journal before and this inspires me to do so. I love being creative so seems like a great idea to be arty and organised 😊❤️

    1. What I love the most about Bullet Journaling is that there are no rules. You can do monthly views, weekly ones and daily according to your needs, there is no need to stick to a predesigned planner. Also it allows me to be creative and it end ups being not only a planner but also a diary in which a very not artsy me can be very creative and express myself to the maximum!

  3. I love bullet journaling but, like you, I'm a bit of a perfectionist with it so it just wastes time and I stopped doing it. I still love reading posts about others bullet journals though :L

    1. I am a huge perfectionist but Bullet Journal really helped me to understand that you should always aim for progress not perfection, my BuJo is so far from being perfect, also because I am totally the opposite of an arty person, for me it's the perfect creative escape in my day to day life!