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All of us bloggers have been inspired by some other bloggers and maybe those same bloggers were the reason behind us creating our online space. Even though Anna wasn't exactly that for me, she is the blogger that inspires me the most for years now. I love her chilled grown-up style, the way she talks to her audience as we are all grown women watching her, something I feel like a lot of bloggers still don't do, even though we have grown with them and we are not 13 anymore. I love her photography and videography and how real Anna keeps everything. I'm the kind of person that 'stalked' Marks insta stories while they were on honeymoon and that actually cried when they got married because in a way Anna feels like a friend of mine. 

As she did to many people she influenced me in many aspects of my life, I try to change into a morning person because she always makes me feel productive (keep in mind that I can't drag myself out of bed before noon) and I own quite a few leopard print pieces and gues who do I blame for that... But today I am here to share with you a few of the makeup products I bought because of Anna. 
Before we start I must say that the Bourjois CC Cream is on this picture because I was absolutely convinced that I had bought it on Anna's recommendation and after a couple of hours stalking her blog and her youtube channel to the maximum (I'm talking back to when she was in Uni kind of stalk) I realized that she never mentioned this product on her platforms, so I cut it from the rest of the post... (Great bloging I know...)

Too Faced HangoveRx Primer: Well I don't go out and repurchase high hand makeup every day, to do so I need to really really love a product, and this is my second tube of this amazing primer. I think it's totally worth the hype. I first bought it because Anna would go on and on about it and she used it in almost every makeup tutorial she used to put up on youtube. I had to try it. I must say that it's a skin savior. It hydrates my skin like no other primer does, also it reduces the appearance of fine lines and it gives me a super nice healthy glow (something that I love). I have combination to oily skin and it never makes me look oily in a bad way (if you know what I mean) or broke me out. Thanks to Anna this became an absolute essential in my makeup bag. 

L'√≥real Nude Magique Cushion Foundation: This is the only cushion foundation I have ever tried and boy do I like it. I must say that this is my second one (do you see a  pattern with Anna's recommendations?). I love to apply this foundation especially with a brush (the Zoeva Buffer is amazing, another Anna recommendation cof cof). In my opinion, this is just an easy and light coverage product that should be part of everyone's makeup collection. I prefer to use it in the summer when I'm going to work and I need to look presentable but I don't want to feel like my makeup is melting off, or that I have something too heavy on. This was another winning product, thank you, Anna.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Pallet: How can I talk about Anna without mentioning this pallet (it's like talking about her without mentioning Glossier and the It Cosmetics CC Cream). My boyfriend got me this beauty as a birthday present, but he only knew I wanted it because he saw me watch Anna multiple times using this beauty.  I must state now that Anna is the one I blame for my love for matte super warm tone eyeshadows, thanks to her this became an absolute basic on my daily routine and in my opinion if you are looking for the right pallet to achieve them, this is the one. Anyways if you want to read more about the pallet itself, here is the review.

Zoeva Nude Spectrum Pallet: Another pallet that I got due to Annas recommendation was the Nude Spectrum by Zoeva. This is in my humble opinion the perfect pallet if you are starting out with makeup. It has a bunch of super pigmented eyeshadows that are super wearable and that work together as a whole at a super accessible price. I absolutely couldn't recommend Zoeva shadows more they are the best Drugstore option when it comes to shadows. 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm: If someone had told me that I would by a nude lipstick that wasn't a brownie nude a couple of months ago I would have said that the person was crazy! However here we are and I am wearing a peachy nude lipstick. This is one of Annas old-school favorites (read above about me being a stalker). I didn't think that the color would suit me for the longest time and that put me off buying it for so long, but I now can say that I've never received more compliments than when I wear this lip color. Also, the finish this range of "liquid lipsticks" gives is amazing, it's a matte liquid lipstick that doesn't dry your lips, and the product is super inexpensive. 

I honestly couldn't recommend this lip color more and all my roommates want to get their hands in Stockholm too.

Et voit la, this was the finished look created with all the products I mentioned in this post. If you live under a rock and have absolutely no idea who Anna is I totally recommend you go check her amazing blog and youtube channel out (let's help her get to half a million subscribers!). I must ask Anna now what else do I need to get my hands into ASAP and ask you guys what bloggers inspire you as much as Anna inspires me.

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