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In the beginning of the new year, we all feel like we just had a fresh start. We wake up on January 1st feeling like this is our year, like nothing will going to stop us and that the year that is upon us has everything to be completely different from the year that just went by. However, let's reevaluate how we spend the first hours of the new year drinking all the booze we can handle (and maybe a glass too much) and we wake up the next day with the worst hangover in the world and an unexplainable craving for pizza.  

The beginning of 2018, proved himself to be no different from any other year, but as we all know January 1st is not a real day and we can all be hangover and eat nothing but junk food that no one will judges. The year starts officially on January 2nd, we try to wake up early, to eat healthier (lactose, gluten and a lot of other things free), we go for a workout (that only makes us wonder why are we doing that to ourselves after not going up a flight of stairs for over 7 months)... The problem with resolutions is that when the first week of January is over, normally so are them. This year has been no different but I learned that resolutions can change, at the same time that we do, they can evolve with us. So how am I working on keeping my resolutions you ask? I hope I can explain it to you. 

Blog and Social Media: One of my biggest resolutions was to improve my blog content and I must say I don't feel like I am failing, even though I already cheated on my schedule and I didn't post for a full week, I had a good reason to do so. I was not producing content I felt like it should be on my blog, I want every post that I ever put out to make me proud and the things I had to be put on last week weren't. I had the incredible opportunity to shoot with the amazing  Margarida Santos. She has photographed many amazing Portuguese bloggers in the past and last Friday it was my turn to be in front of her camera. I was so nervous, but I couldn't be happier with the final result, as you can probably see by all the amazing snaps that will go up with this post, she is truly talented and this was for sure an experience I really want to repeat.  So my tip here is, seek for inspiration and define priorities, my motto for this year, regarding my online presence it's going to be, if you don't know the why, find it and then do it.

Getting Healthier: I decided that I wanted to go back to working out, there was a time in my life that I used to have 7 hours of exercise on a day (I did volleyball, gymnastics, and trampolines, all on the same day), now I can't run for 5 minutes without feeling like I'm going to puke. Once I want to go back to working out I've realized I need to do something that keeps me as passionate as those sports used to make me. I hate running outside but I like going to the gym, so I'm going to get a gym membership. Even though it only makes sense to get it in February when I am back in Lisbon for good, I am still going to do my best to try to work out as much as I can. 

Regarding my food options, I decided that I really want to cut the crazy amount of carbs that I used to eat, I used to have a pasta dish for lunch followed by a pasta dish for dinner, at least 3 times per week. I'm trying to have more salads and just eat fewer carbs in general. I'm also trying to eat more fruit (I've developed a weird affection for baby fruit, don't ask) and to drink more juices and I must say those have been tasks that I've been able to achieve quite easily. Another thing that I have yet to improve is my sleeping schedule (it's currently 2h30AM as I am writing this post) and my water drinking habit. I find it easier to maintain a resolution if we break it into simple tasks, also it's easier if we think that it's something we can't really fail, there will always be another Monday to start, we don't need to pressure ourselves to get everything right every day since day 1.

Little things that sometimes we lack the courage to do: I really want to get a tattoo and get my ears pierced, I made the decision that this year, is going to be the year, in which (besides some other things I don't feel 100% comfortable sharing online yet) I am going to achieve this 2 little things. I've been looking up some designs for my tattoo online and I even talked to some friends and asked them for their opinion. By now I am almost settled with the tattoo artist I want to do my tattoo and once I am 100% sure, you can bet I am going to do it. I think that in 2018 we should all just be braver. We only have this life and we should do all the things we want without fearing to regret them, because I would rather regret something that live my life in a what if limbo.

 Outfit: Boots - Primark; Pants - Zara; Jumper - Primark; Jacket - H&M; Sunglasses: RayBan
 Location: LX Factory 

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