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(Disclaimer: I know the blog has been really slow lately but all my camera gear is having a lot of problems and in extreme need to be repaired them and sending it out to warranty is going to make me unable to post here (once I don't think my iPhone Camera is good enough for me to shoot with). For at least the end of March, I promise to post as often as I can but I would be really surprised if I was able to stick to a schedule, because of all these problems, expect one post a week, and no more than that.)

Anyways, today I am going to do my Seville Travel Guide. I went on a trip to Seville with my boyfriend for Valentines Day and I fell in love with the beautiful Spanish city all over again. I must say that taking a break even if it's just for a couple of days and be able to turn your brain into vacation mode is amazing. We picked Seville because it's really close to our hometown meant that we could just drive there instead of taking a plane, lowering the cost of the trip and it was also a place that João didn't know and in which I had only spent a day. We both would really recommend the place for a romantic getaway or even for a weekend with friends. 

How to get around: As I said we drove there but Seville has an airport so you can catch a flight into the city as well. Driving in Seville if you are not familiar with the city is a total mess, and I really wouldn't recommend it. The parking situation is also not the best and in one of the days, we paid a 20€ for parking in an underground parking lot. The city has a network of public transportation that allows you to get from point A to point B. As in for me and João we chose to walk as much as we could. I always feel like we get to see more of the city if we just walk around, and even though the attractions are not door to door to one another, they still are close enough so that we can walk without struggling. I really recommend you to walk places once every single building is worth to be seen, the architecture in the Andalusia capital city really amazed me.
If I go back I would love to rent a bike to get around though, once the city center is equipped with many bike paths.

Where to stay: When we first decided to go to Seville Airbnb was our first choice but, due to busy schedules we only end up deciding where we were really going to stay a few days before the actual trip, which leads for all the good Aribnbs to be bookes. In a quick search on Booking, I found this amazing hotel called the Hotel Sevilla Macarena. I fell in love immediately, the place was so colorful and the light in it was amazing too. Also, the staff was friendly and everyone spoke English really well (which sometimes it's a struggle in Spain). I would 100% return to this place. Also, shame on me but in the morning before we left I had a mini photoshoot in the lobby...

Where to eat: On every trip me and my boyfriend make food plays a huge role, we are both foodies and we turn into very sophisticated people when we go out to eat, this trip was no exception.
We were really happy to found out that in Spain they have a lot of American food chains we don't have in Portugal, like Dunkin Donuts or Taco Bell so, when we were on the go we ended up trying those. But we also treated ourselves to some nicer foods, such as a lunch in an amazing Asian restaurant called Origami. We had a lunch special which included a Miso Soup, an Asian Salad, a plate of Noodles and a scoop of Ice Cream for only 13€. I must say that I had a few of the most amazing Asian food I've ever had on that restaurant and I would totally recommend it. Also, it is close to the city center so you can just walk up to the main attractions in the city. Another place we went to was Bache San Pedro. I must say that I was the nicest restaurant I've ever been in in my whole life. I would 100% recommend it and I will do a whole post about it soon here on the blog.

What to do: Seville is a city with a million things to explore. I'm going to start this post by recommending a few of the things I've done in former trips there, such as taking a ride in a horse car in which the coachman will explain to you the history of the main attractions in the city and it will allow you to have a great overview of everything Seville has to offer. One of the must visit places is for sure the Royal Alcazar. This is right in front of the Seville Cathedral (in which I haven't been but I think it's also totally worth the visit). The beautiful gardens were the set for a few scenes of Game of Thrones and if you aren't sold by this statement I assure you that the architecture inspired in the Arabian style and the beautiful gardens make this one of my favorite places in the beautiful city. I would 100% say that it's worth a visit even if you just in Seville for a day. Another place that is a must visit is the Plaza de España, this one was the set for the episode 2 of the Star Wars saga. The beautiful brick buildings surrounded by the beautiful canal make this an outstanding place to visit and just relax for a bit. I would recommend you to rent a boat and navigate the canal, something that it was only possible for me to do because João was the one in charge on piloting (is this the word for boats?) the ship, because I have literally zero skills and I would probably still be in the same place... I would also recommend you to just walk by the beautiful bridges that cross the river Guadalquivir, the water brings a huge sense of peace into your soul and it's a beautiful spot to snap a few pictures and appreciate how nature and mankind collide in a beautiful sight. There are many other things to do but we were so in love with the streets that we would spend most of our days just walking around the beautiful streets and taking a few pictures.

In conclusion: I would 100% recommend you to visit Seville, this wasn't my first time there and it also won't be my last. It's a city in which I can see myself live in for a couple of months in the future and that really inspired me. If you are considering to visit it I would say 100% do it. I think that 2 days are enough to get to know the city well and if you go make sure you stop at Bache San Pedro for a bite. I really loved this trip and I hope that in 2018 I can do a few more getaways like this both in and out of Portugal. 


  1. Very interesting! I never knew the parking could be so expensive, I've learned so much and would love to visit one day :D also as a wee tip amoma.com is cheaper than most booking sites and they always call when you are about to book and say hold on we've got a discount code for you to use!

    1. Thank you for the tip lovely!
      I really recommend Seville as a travel destination!

  2. I love travel posts! All your photos are so beautiful!!

  3. Baby já estou a seguir o teu trabalho (como sempre). Criei hoje mesmo o meu cantinho, espero que gostes! Temos que ir fotografar juntas, miss you <3 Beijinhoooos


    1. Oh princesa parabéns por esta iniciativa! Estou contigo!
      Temos de combinar qualquer coisa sim!
      Manda mensagem!
      Beijinhos <3 Love yaaa!

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