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To kick start the month I decided to share with you all the makeup I got during the Winter sales. I got some pretty good deals on the month of January and even though I kept sharing some bits on my Instagram Stories you guys said that you would like to see a post with all the beauty products, which leads us to today's post. I really hope you all like the products I mention and keep in mind that I live in Portugal so I'm not sure if you can get similar deals in other parts of the world but maybe in the online stores you can get some good deals too. 

As a makeup addict, something I've always wanted to do but never got around to do it was to create my own eyeshadow pallet. I know it's silly and I know that a lot of brands have systems that allow the buyer to personalize their own, but I never did it. While I was still in Lisbon I went to NYX with one of my best friends just to have a look and when we were about to leave I realized that their single shadows were on sale for only 1€. I had to do it. I got 4 shades (that, unfortunately, I don't know the names of...) a matte cream color, a matte cool toned brown, a champagne shimmer and a gold/copper tone with micro glitter in it. These are just a few basic colors that I can create a variety of looks with making this pallet great for traveling, I, however, plan to get a few fun color to this palet like some purples, blues, and greens to play with and create some different eye looks. By the way, I paid 5,90€ for the magnetic pallet if you are interested. 

The second place I went to was KIKO with the goal of buying a blush on sale. I have this really old cream to powder finish blush from the brand that I've hit pan on and that I love to pieces and so I decided to look for a similar formula. I found this Rebel Bouncy Blush in the shade 04 Passion Red Wine that was discounted from 9€ to 3€ (quite a deal, huh?). I couldn't be happier with it. The formula is exactly what I was looking for, the color fits into my go-to blush colors and it stays on the skin like no other blush I own. 

Still, from KIKO, I had my eyes in their Into The Dark Collection Metallic Eyeshadows since the collection came out. When I spotted these babies on sale I couldn't say no! They were discounted from 7,95€ each to 3,95€. I ended up getting the two warmer shades: 01 Strenghtful Gold, a stunning metallic gold that takes any makeup look to the next level, and, 02 Provocative Bordeaux, a metallic wine shade that I love to use all over the lid and to smudge with a little blending brush for a day to day look. I'm absolutely amazed by the quality of this shadows and I really think that when it comes to liquid pigments these are a few of the best options out there. 

Lastly, and mainly because I have a problem in which I can't pass a good deal when it comes to makeup I got the Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation. I did not plan to get a foundation on my shopping trip, however, this babe was reduced from 5,95€ to 2,95€. As you can imagine I couldn't let an opportunity to try this foundation pass. I got mine in the shade 4.5, which is a bit dark but totally fixable when blended right. This is a very lightweight and low to medium coverage foundation and if you are looking for a BB/CC type of product I would really recommend. 

From Sephora, I always try to get a few deals on pricier makeup during sales. The best deal I got this time was for sure something unplanned, I was going to the register and I needed a moisturizer and there I spotted a few cans of the Steam Cream for only 3€ (yes, 3€ and not a dime more). I wouldn't pass this opportunity, I got a couple of cans and I am loving this product. I really like the fact that there are only 12 natural ingredients in it and that the brand is sustainable and cruelty-free. 

Another deal I scored was on this Urban Decay Brow Tamer clear brow gel. I only got it because I was in need of some clear brow gel. I'm really liking this product but I really think that you can get really good brow gels from the drugstore, special if you are in the market for a clear one. I would recommend this one but I don't think it's worth the splurge. 

And the last product I am going to share is this beautiful blue Aqua Matic stick eyeshadow from Make Up For Ever. I love MUFE stick shadows and I own a couple of them. I also think that blue is one of the easiest colors to add to a makeup look if you are afraid to play with colorful eyeshadow looks. I love stick shadows as a whole and here in Portugal, Sephora always has the MUFE Aqua Matic Sticks for 8€ during sales in a bunch of shades. I really recommend this especially as a summer product once they are waterproof and the best way to achieve an awesome look to a sunset party.

And this was all the product I got during the sales, if you want to see the products in action a a tutorial or a review please let me know. Have you ever tried any of these products? 

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  1. Ah these items look lovely too! So pretty and I love shimmery products as they really add a beautiful glow to skin! :)

    Hope you're well and hope you're having a lovely weekend.

    Layla x