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The Academy Awards are happening tonight and that is why I thought it was perfect to share with you my review of all the films nominated for the Best Picture Award. If you know me you would know that I love cinema and watching all of the movies nominated for best picture before The Oscars happen has been something I had to check out of my Bucket List for quite a while now, this year I finally did it! After many many trips to the cinema in the course of the past few months and many great cinematographic experiences, I feel like I can do an honest review of all the movies nominated for the ultimate prize in the cinema world. This post will be 100% spoiler free so there is no reason for you to worry. By the way, the order in which I am going to talk about the movies is simply the order in which I watched them. 

Dunkirk: I don't particularly love war movies, but I love movies about the second world war, and I love movies that make you feel something. I confess that I only watched Dunkirk because João made me. I honestly think that it lacks a bit of story that makes you relate to the characters, it's not similar to Saving  Privet Ryan in which you fall in love with Tom Hanks and his man while they go on a hard quest to save Matt Damon. But that is what I think gives a big impact to this movie, you see the characters, and you feel like what they are doing is what anyone would do, it depersonalizes them but it makes them closer to you in a way, they are not heroes, they are just man. As far as the making of the movie, I think that Dunkirk will probably win all of the technical Oscars and might even take Christopher Nolan to the stage to claim the award for Best Director. If you like movies that portrait war in a very raw and brutal way, this might be just up your alley. 

The Darkest Hour: I am as much of a History Geek as I am a Makeup Addict. I see history and a way to explain where we are going based on where we have been and I honestly think that that is beautiful. I think I've seen most of the Second World War films and that I read a lot of the books about it as well, I've seen the documentaries and it's probably the histories time period that interests me the most. The Darkest Hour is a movie about Winston Churchill (my ultimate historical figure goals, I said I was a history geek...). This is just the type of movie I love. It's based on a true story, based on a persona that I love and features a main actor, Gary Oldman, that although is unrecognizable and for sure getting the  Best Performance in a Leading Role Award. I loved the movie, it's historical without being boring (my mum's words and she doesn't like historical movies that much), and it makes you understand the way Churchill acted far beyond what is written in history books. 

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri: What a movie. I confess this might have been the hardest of this reviews to write because I have no words to talk about this cinema masterpiece. This tells a story of a mother, portrait by the amazingly talent Frances McDormand, that is seeking to raise awareness to the case of her daughter murder. The movie is so much more than that though. It explores topics such as the relationship between a mother and her children, racism, homophobia, domestic violence, among many other topics. I risk saying that this is my favorite candidate for the ultimate prize even though I'm split between it and The Shape of Water. I think that this is quite a heavy movie to watch, but it will still make you laugh. Totally worth the watch, especially on the big screen. 

Get Out: I don't like horror/terror movies, believe me when I say that I don't like to get scared. Get Out never sent the vibe of being a movie full of jump scares or anything like it, but being classified as a horror film I had to read spoilers online to get myself ready for the jump scares (spoiler alert, there are no jumpscares). I really like the way this movie portraits the scary parts, being that is scary but not in the normal scary movie kind of way. The history is very interesting and it keeps you captivated to the screen while you try to figure out what the hell is going on, simultaneously to the main character. I really like this movie and I give it the ok card if you are too scared to watch horror films, like myself. 

The Post: When we think of the Hollywood top names Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, and Steven Spielberg always come to our minds. I hadn't seen this movie and I knew it would be nominated for a bunch of awards (obviously including Streep, because the Oscars ain't the Oscars if she isn't nominated). I will put it, story-wise, in the same category has The Darkest Hour. It's a real story, based on real people and on real events, and that is just the kind of story that fills my plate. I loved the performances of all the actors in the movie, even though I feel like the movie is a bit slow compared to other Spielberg movies. That being said I really enjoyed it. It's a simple movie, with an interesting story and great actors. 

The Shape of Water: This is not only the most nominated film of 2018 but is also my favorite one. I loved the story, it's a love story different from everything that I have ever seen, and believe me, I have seen a lot. Sally Hawkins plays the amazing part of Eliza, a mute woman that expresses herself more than many other movie characters. I think that Hawkins probably has the most challenging role in the award season and that the fact that she plays it so beautifully without using her voice might get her the academy award. But, back to the movie. I think that everyone should watch this movie, I went with my mum and my boyfriend and they both loved it as much as I did, which shows you how much of a crowd pleaser this is. It's beautifully filmed and it's really interesting without getting to cliché or boring. 

Lady Bird: The movie focus on the relationship between a mother and a daughter and at the same time it has a much deeper meaning than that. It explores the huge need to fit in that everyone feels in high school and the personal growth that most of us experience during that time. I feel like the movie could have been a bit longer and could have explored some topics a bit more, but I still really liked it. I still could relate to the main character Christine in many ways, and I could understand her. Maybe that is because we have a similar age, or maybe it's because we share the same views about some aspects. I would recommend this movie, especially to every woman out there once I think that we can all in one way or another relate to the main character and see ourselves represented by her. 

Call Me By Your Name: Call me by your name is a hard one for me to talk about. I think it's a movie I really need to rewatch to understand completely (I watch it without subtitles and it has a lot of French and Italian in it, even though I can understand most and I am fluent in French I feel like subtitles would help me understand it better). I loved how close the relationship between the main character Elio and his parents. I love how this is a gay love story that explores age gap in relationships and it still makes both of the subjects a taboo. The story is in fact so good that I am sure they will win the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. I love the color and the beautiful portrait of the small town in Italy where the movie is set. I think that most people will like this movie because it's not about homosexuality even though it portraits a gay couple as main characters. Also, everyone should keep an eye on Timothée Chalamet because at the age of 22 he does this role amazingly well. He is also in Lady Bird, in which he does a much simpler role but in which he is still amazing.

Phantom Thread: This movie is so good. It explores the odd relationship between a creative genius (portrait by the one and only Daniel Day-Lewis) and his muse. The movie is all about fashion and the troubled mind of the creator. It explores how hard a relationship with a great minded person can be and how the young and loving Alma copes with that. I really enjoyed the way the movie was filmed. It made you hate and love the characters at the same time which I think is what makes a character feel real. The story was good, but not the best compared to the other movies in the run for Best Picture. I found this movie very interesting but it is a bit of a slow film when compared to the other nominees. I really hope Gary Oldman wins Best Actor, but I would not be surprised if Day-Lewis took home the award. Anyway, it is a good movie with great performances from the actors in it and a good story. I would recommend it. 

And that is it, guys! I basically expect Three Billboards and Dunkirk to be the big winners of the night but I guess I will have to wait and see. Have you seen any of this movies? Which one is your favorite?


  1. i havent seen them all but call me by your name and the shape of water were def my favorites. the first one is like a piece of art!
    ladybird was cool but i feel like i've seen a lot of movies like this.

    1. I really loved The Shape of Water! Yes Lady Bird was a bit of a disappointment.
      Sorry for only getting back to you now, I totally forgot to reply sooner!