A Few MAC Products I've been Loving || Makeup

Since I was a little girl I've always dreamed about MAC products, MAC used to be the fanciest makeup I could ever dream of owning, and now, a few years and many makeup products later, I have to admit that my 12-year-old self feels very accomplished! 

My mum gave me a MAC 55€ voucher as a birthday present. With it, I could go to a MAC store, get my makeup done by one of their makeup artists and use it to buy some products. I waited for a special date to use the voucher because is not every day that I get the opportunity to get my makeup done by a professional. On the 21st of February, aka JoĆ£os birthday, I booked my session. When I arrived there I was surprised to find my friend Jael (which is the best makeup reviewer, check her blog!) in the MAC store where I was going to get my makeup done (I had asked her the day before what MAC products she recommended, and she had given me a list of things to try)! She stayed with me for the whole time and helped the makeup artist pick what products to wear on me, so a huge THANK YOU, for making this experience even better!
Also, Jael was the one who gave the Next To Nothing Foundation, so thank you for that too!
So now, let me talk about the products. I decided to do a “full face” of makeup wearing only the products in this post, I only added my favorite MAC lipstick, which is Taupe if you are 

Next to Nothing Foundation: This is a super light coverage foundation with a texture really similar to a BB Cream or a tinted moisturizer. I have been loving to use this product when getting ready super quickly in the morning before school, this doesn’t cover any of my imperfections but it gives my skin an even look, which is what I aim towards most days. I normally would wear a concealer over it and powder but for the sake of this review, I decided to use it alone on my skin. If you have combination or oily skin you will find the use of a powder to be essential when wearing this foundation, due to its dewiness all the oil that your skin will produce during the day will be accentuated, so if that isn’t your type of look, maybe this foundation is a product to skip. 

Double Gleam Highlighter: Before going to get my makeup done, I was sure I wanted to get a highlighter, because I didn’t own any powder highlighter, prior to this one (I don’t know how that is possible, but let's move on). Jael told me to try the cult MAC highlighter Soft and Gentle, but I guess that was too soft and gentle to me… I like to use my highlighter has a lighthouse for aliens or something (that is why I always used to use eyeshadows to illuminate my face). Then the makeup artist recommended me Double Gleam and my heart fell for it, immediately. This highlighter has a beautiful golden shade and it’s super shiny. If you don’t want your highlighter to make a statement, this one isn’t the product for you. If I want to spice things up and make it more noticeable then what I already do, I spray my brush with a bit of Fix+ before applying this beauty to my face. 

Upward Lash Mascara: Jael had worn me about the wonders of this mascara, but I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to spend my money on another mascara, because if there is a makeup product I don’t need that is it. However, when the makeup artist applied the mascara to my lashes I had never seen my lashes look so amazing. Whenever I use this mascara people ask me if I have fake lashes or what mascara am I wearing. Do I think this is worth the 25€ price? Absolutely! Its tiny applicator allows me to reach every corner of my eye, which I normally find difficult with mascaras whose wand is a lot bigger. This beauty gives length and volume in a not clumpy way, which, if you know me, know it’s my favorite way. A downside of this mascara is that it flakes away after a long day, but the effect that gives to my lashes for the most part of the day makes it worth it!

Fix + Priming and Setting Spray: Both Jael and the makeup artist said I HAD to get this product, and who am I to disagree… This product is like the cherry on top of the cake in any makeup collection, it makes all the layers of makeup disappear in your skin and it gives a full glam makeup a natural skin look. I love the effect it leaves on my skin. Also, it makes me feel really fancy when I spray my skin every day with it. I would say if you want to invest in a MAC product that has no competition what so ever from other brands this is the product to get!

Here you can see a little before and after using only this products. I never thought that this would work out so well as a makeup look, but I must say I would happily go anywhere looking like this. It was really pushing it out of my comfort zone not wearing any blush or bronzer but I think it ended up working really well as a whole look and I think this is going to be my summer no makeup makeup uniform. 

Are there any products from MAC that you think I really must try? If so what are they? 


  1. i cant believe i only tried mac lipsticks till now but i got curious about most of these!


  2. Before this products I had only tried lipsticks too! I would really recommend the mascara as well!
    Love Ana

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